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10 Knowledge Products from Sub-Saharan Africa You Don’t Want to Miss

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Examine, evaluate, analyze, and explore… The World Bank Group’s comprehensive research, reports, and knowledge products do just that, providing policy makers and stakeholders from all sectors across Africa access to reliable evidenced-based data to assist in their decision-making processes.

The World Bank Group has published over 4,000 research titles, a genuine treasure trove of knowledge that is accessible freely to governments, media, academia, and the general public. This February 22, the World Bank Office of Chief Economist in the Africa Region and the Africa Communications and Partnerships team will shine the spotlight on this cutting-edge research at the first-ever Africa Knowledge Fest. In addition to offering compelling knowledge products, the event will also feature debates and discussions with the most dynamic thinkers on Africa’s development today. To learn more about participating visit the event website.

In an effort to highlight the most recent knowledge work conducted across the continent, check out our curated selection of works using this StoryMap below! The full-size map is also availabe here


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