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How is the world putting open data to work?

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A few months ago, together with the Inter-American Development Bank, we launched a research initiative on the many uses of open data in the context of development.
An Indonesian artist helps visualize data through a poster

While we’re still working on thinking through the what we’ve learned so far, we wanted to make sure our work is useful to those who might need it today (Have you ever needed to look up examples of open data use?). 
Examples of open data initiatives on the ground

We've also started to highlight some of the cases via  Google Hangouts and are now releasing the initial examples we’ve collected so far (in the form of an open dataset).

Look out for more Google Hangouts and our report in the next few weeks.  If you are putting open data in action or have a project you’d like to see included, please share it via the survey form.  We will refresh the example datasets periodically and schedule new Hangouts. 
Was this useful to you?  We’d greatly appreciate your feedback via the comment section below.

World Bank Group Finances is the online access point for IBRD, IDA, and IFC open financial data. The website features datasets that cover loans, contracts, trust funds, investments, and financial statements. A related  mobile app, which allows you to “talk” to us more easily about operational and financial data in nine languages, is available for download for Android and iOS smartphone and tablet users at the  Google Store and the  iTunes Store, respectively. Follow us on  Twitter to join and remain engaged in the conversation about the Bank’s open financial data.

​The World Bank Group and Inter-American Development Bank are conducting a  study on open data and collecting examples of its use. You can submit your use here:
Join us on Fridays, at 10:30 AM EST for Google Hangouts discussing specific uses of open data and the interesting people behind them. See what we've covered so far and have coming up next on our  Open Data Use Hangouts Calendar.


Sandra Moscoso

Deputy Program Lead - Global Media Development Programme

Samuel Lee

Consultant with SuM4All

Antonio Moneo

Knowledge Management consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank (Washington, DC)

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