Talkin’ about an infrastructure revolution at the World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings

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The World Bank Group and IMF Annual Meetings are once again upon us this week, attended by about 2,800 delegates from World Bank-IMF member countries, 350 observer organization representatives, and 800 members of the press. Around 550 accredited civil society members will also participate in the meetings at the four-day CSO Policy Forum held concurrently with the Annual Meetings.

One of the key events on infrastructure takes place today, October 17. The Infrastructure Revolution: Integration, Investment and Innovation session will examine how infrastructure can transform people’s lives, connect them to opportunities, and deliver better outcomes in Africa and around the world.  

Infrastructure Revolution

Makthar Diop, Vice President of Infrastructure at the World Bank, will open a conversation with world leaders, activists, and investors sharing examples of how regional integration, investment, and innovation in infrastructure has worked to deliver better outcomes for communities and countries. They’ll also discuss how to meet the growing demand for infrastructure in a sustainable way.

You don’t need to be in Washington, D.C., to join in (it’s at 15:00 to 16:30 ET, 19:00 to 20:30 GMT)—you can stream it live, replay it, and even submit your questions before the event and be part of the conversation, and/or follow it on Twitter using the hashtag: #infrarevolution

That’s not the only event focusing on infrastructure this week.

Global Infrastructure Facility

Yesterday, the Global Infrastructure Facility’s (GIF) Advisory Council met across town under the theme of “cities,” attended by more than 100 participants from the GIF’s private sector advisory partners, multilateral development bank technical partners, donors, and other stakeholders active in emerging-market infrastructure finance. While the meeting itself was closed-door, there was a bit of activity on Twitter (#GlobalINFRAFacility).

You can read more about the GIF’s work to help cities reach their full potential in a recent blog on this platform—describing their work to support scalable project preparation, identify new sub-national revenue streams, and enhance creditworthiness.

Another relevant event takes place today at the Annual Meetings on Catalyzing Environmental, Social, and Governance Investment (ESG). This session (16:00 to 17:00 ET, 20:00 to 21:00 GMT) will showcase opportunities for private investors to optimize their return on impact and ESG in developing countries, turning to sustainability and social impact to add value to their portfolios. The event will also be livestreamed and archived to make sure its message goes way beyond Washington, D.C.

The rising importance of ESG factors in infrastructure investment decisions is a topic we wrote about this summer here. The author explored what’s driving increased investor interest in ESG and what’s next.

All revolutions start with a conversation. Don’t forget to join in, and if you want to explore the full schedule of the Meetings click here.


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