What’s the future of the carbon market?

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In the midst of reports that the carbon market might be facing a potential slump, Carbon Expo, the Global Carbon Market Fair and Conference, is opening this week in Cologne. What are the prospects for the carbon market, and what role can international organizations play in supporting the introduction of clean technologies? Can and should the private sector go beyond the requirements posed by regulators? What development impact can be expected from the carbon credits market - and is it sufficient to meet the needs of emerging markets?

A new guest blogger has joined us for this issue: Warren Evans, Director of the Environment Department at the World Bank. During the next few days, he and our own Rachel Kyte will present here their views on the future of the carbon market, adaptation and mitigation measures, and the roles of the private and public sector in meeting the requirements of Kyoto and beyond.

We will keep track of the debate here:

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