Bill Bleisch

Researcher, teacher, and writer, China Exploration & Research Society

Bill Bleisch has worked and lived in China since 1989.  He studied biology at Harvard University and at Rockefeller University before coming to China in 1987.  He conducted research on conservation of endangered primates in China until 1994 and then supported conservation research by Chinese scientists. He was a resident foreign expert in the GEF Project Office of the Division of Nature Reserves and Wildlife Management in the China Forestry Ministry (now SFA) in 1996-98 and again in 2004-05, and then, from 2005-07, served in a similar capacity for planning and implementation of a World Bank GEF nature reserve project in Guangxi Province.  Since 2012, Dr. Bleisch has worked as a researcher, teacher, and writer for the Hong Kong-based China Exploration & Research Society.  His current interests include community-based conservation and how nature tourism can be best designed to serve as an incentive for conservation.