Oubah A. Malow

Oubah A. Malow

CEO of Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (CLE)

Oubah A. Malow is the CEO of Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (CLE), the first tech business incubator/accelerator in Djibouti. She is in charge of developing a self-sustaining incubation model, give strategic direction, build and scale incubation programs, measure impact, as well as collaborate with national and global ecosystems to employ best practices in order to convert CLE into a world-class hub for solving technological and societal problems.

She is the national coordinator for the implementation of World Bank’s, « Support for Women and Youth Entrepreneurship », project (of 15 million USD) as well as the European Union’s « Support the development of incubator of SME’s in Djibouti » project of (4 million USD).

Since its founding last year, CLE has become a powerful platform for democratization of entrepreneurship education, incubation, and acceleration.

Oubah has been a business development and marketing strategy manager since 2006 and positionned Djibouti Telecom as the first telecom wholesale service provider in the region by developing an overall global marketing strategy that produced millions of dollars in new product sales through multiple product launches like Internet protocol transit capacity, international bandwidth on new submarine cables as well as data center services.

She has been involved from initiation to closure for the implementation of the first Tier 1 Internet Protocol Node in Djibouti to provide Internet Protocol transit services region to East african countries.

As a project manager, Oubah has led the Djibouti flagship project in Smart Africa Alliance, a multimillion dollar project to develop and implement data centers across Smart Africa Alliance member’s countries.

Oubah has a master degree in Electrical Engineering from the UST of Rouen, France and a bachelor degree in Business Management from CDI College of Toronto, Canada.

Outside of technology and entrepreneurship, Oubah has a deep interest in and involvement with literature. She leads a literary NGO, La Caravane du Livre, and hosts literary events and is involved in activities for book reading and writing promotion as she is concerned about the mass addiction to devices and social media that modern society has engineered.