Veronica  Montalva

Veronica Montalva

Economist, Poverty and Equity Global Practice

Veronica Montalva is an Economist with the East Asia & Pacific (EAP) region of Poverty and Equity Global Practice. She currently leads the team for statistical development in EAP and supports the poverty and inequality work program for China. Prior to this position, her work focused on the development of macro-microsimulation methods, the construction of a global job quality index, and on various analyses of the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on households. While working at the Inter-American Development Bank, Veronica provided technical assistance to governments in Latin America on education policy and on the design and implementation of impact evaluations. Her research has been published in academic journals including The Review of Economics and Statistics and the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. Veronica holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Duke University.