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2016 in Review: Your favorite social media content

Another year has passed, and as we do each year-end, here’s a rundown of what content resonated most with you on World Bank social media in 2016.

Four World Bank Facebook posts you cared about most

Some of our most popular and engaging content on Facebook in 2016 was, not surprisingly, multimedia. Check out these posts that made the biggest impact with you in the last year.

On October 17 – now recognized as End Poverty Day – Bangladeshi singer Habib Wahid unveiled a new song singing the praises of his country’s rapid progress in reducing poverty and building a prosperous society. Check out the video, and remember why you poured out your approval with more than 161,000 views, 65,000 reactions, and 4,600 shares!


In November during COP22, we launched the Climate Business Innovation Network, which drew praise from our global audience. With more than 18,000 reactions and 65 shares, you let us know you approved in huge numbers.

One of our largest and most engaged audiences is based in Indonesia. This short video from October, highlighting Indonesia’s economy was a huge hit, grabbing 31,000 video views, nearly 2,000 reactions, and more than 500 shares.

We all know smoking kills, but this infographic shared in May told a different story. The shocking data about smoking increases in developing countries highlighted in the image below resonated strongly with you, pulling more than 1,700 reactions and 335 shares.

Four @WorldBank Tweets that you shared the most

This is for sure, Twitter is still a powerful force for driving conversation online, and you showed this year what topics mattered most to you.

Our goals are to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity, and one very important factor in reaching those goals is understanding where we need to work the hardest. This chart we shared in April was our most shared tweet of the year, with more than 1,000 retweets.
The future of our planet was on everybody’s minds this year, and this video tweet from May about the impacts of climate change and water scarcity spread  far through the Twitterverse, with nearly 700 retweets.
When it comes to gender inequality, you always show us loud and clear how you feel. When we shared this tweet in August your support erupted to the tune of more than 600 retweets.
COP 22 in November showed the world that when we work together, we can make changes that benefit everyone. In addition to the Paris Agreement taking force, Morocco--COP 22’s host country--had something to brag about this year, as this tweet shows. You showed your approval with 352 retweets to spread the word.
 Three @World Bank Instagram posts that wowed you

Instagram continued to be our fastest growing and most engaging social channel in 2016. Check out these four posts that not only provided a feast for your eyes, but a story for your heart.

The CGAP 2016 Photo Contest third place winner was the winner in your eyes this year, with the most liked post of the year. More than 2,000 of you agreed this amazing photo and story was remarkable.

“Farmer’s Family” | Photo by Pyae Phyo Thet Paing of #Myanmar | @cgap_org 2016 Photo Contest Third Prize Winner This is the hottest area of Myanmar and most people from this area live by #farming. Here, a #farmer is going to his pea farm with his #family to teach #agriculture. #Planting and selling is their own business in their village. The photographer walked along the village road and took this photo from a bridge. Judge Nicole Cappello from @natgeo remarked, "When you look at the #shadows, you see so much more of their #movement and #identity, and it gives much more information – something you would not know – just by looking at them from the top." Globally there are approximately 500 million #smallholder households - around 2 billion people - who rely on small-scale agriculture for their livelihoods. These households make up a large portion of the world's #poor living on less than $2 per day, and typically cultivate less than five acres of land and lack access to basic #financialservices. Improving their lives is critical to making a dent in global #poverty and advancing financial inclusion. #southeastasia #eastasia #EAP #everydayasia #accesstofinance #financialinclusion #digitalfinance #CGAPphotocontest #photocontest

A photo posted by WorldBank (@worldbank) on

In November the Paris Agreement took force, moving our planet from agreement into action on tackling climate change. This post showed us that this priority issue for the world is also very important to you, with nearly 1,400 likes.
IDA is the World Bank’s fund for the poorest countries in the world. Just weeks ago we were able to secure a record $75 billion in funding to make sure our work can continue to benefit those most in need. On October 17 – End Poverty Day -- we invited youth to join us in our headquarters to discuss what it will take to end poverty, and captured this wonderful moment. You clearly agreed it’s possible with IDA, and liked it more than 1,300 times.


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