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Get transported to the Spring Meetings 2017 in Virtual Reality

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The World Bank embraces innovation in many forms, including the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and 360° images to create immersive experiences that help build empathy and awareness of critical topics that affect people living in poverty.

VR is impacting the way the World Bank communicates, visualizes projects,  and improves decision making to further the Bank’s goals.

Follow the “Spring Meetings 2017 Immersive Experience” and be transported into an interactive encounter with 360° media, engaging videos and content that is continually updated as the events unfold during the Meetings.

Enjoy it on your desktop or mobile or with a VR headset for a more compelling experience. Click to Start!


Stay tuned for more examples of how our organization is using these emerging technologies towards our #EndPoverty efforts.

See our latest VR/360 Films:


Jimmy Vainstein

Sr Program Manager, Interactive Media

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