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#GlobalDev: What Caught Your Attention in 2014?

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What fascinated people most about global development in 2014?  A look at the most popular World Bank Group content on social media and the web may offer some insight. We’ve compiled a selection of the Bank’s top 10 most liked, viewed, and favorited posts on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and the web. Have a look and tell us your top development issues of 2014.

The Bank’s most-watched video featured Chief Economist Kaushik Basu explaining shared prosperity.

  1. When It Comes to Shared Prosperity, 40 Is Key
  2. Are You Ready to Take It On? End Poverty by 2030
  3. ¿Estás listo para poner fin a la pobreza en 2030?
  4. For China's Economy, 7 Is a Favorite Number
  5. Financial Services for Everyone: Agent Banking in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  6. Take On Extreme Poverty
  7. A New Look at Levant Peace and Prosperity
  8. Take On Education: Teachers Need Lessons Too
  9. Take On: Growing Incomes in Jamaican Farming
  10. Conquering the World’s Risks: Highlights from the Annual Meetings
Explore: Infographics
The top infographic depicted how water could constrain the planet’s energy future. Thirsty Energy
  1. Thirsty Energy - Energy and Water's Interdependence
  2. Mind, Society, and Behavior
  3. Confidence Crisis Exposes Economic Weakness in Russia
  4. What's a Toilet Worth?
  5. Why Waste Water?
  6. What Climate Change Means for Latin America, Middle East & Central Asia
  7. Doing Business 2015: Going Beyond Efficiency
  8. Skilling up Vietnam: Preparing The Workforce for A Modern Market Economy
  9. Why Does the Energy Sector Need Water?
  10. What Climate Change Means for Africa and Asia
  Feature Stories
The most popular feature stories on the World Bank website were about the global economy and climate change. Image
  1. Developing Economies Need Robust Blueprints to Sustain Growth
  2. New Study Adds Up the Benefits of Climate-Smart Development in Lives, Jobs, and GDP
  3. Youth Voices on Climate Change Take Times Square
  4. América Latina: ¿Cómo afecta la crisis en el precio de los alimentos?
  5. State & Trends Report Charts Global Growth of Carbon Pricing
  6. Ending Extreme Poverty and Promoting Shared Prosperity
  7. 73 Countries and Over 1,000 Businesses Speak Out in Support of a Price on Carbon
  8. HIV/AIDS in India
  9. World Is Locked into ~1.5°C Warming & Risks Are Rising, New Climate Report Finds
  10. Doing Business Rankings Use Expanded Data Analysis
Facebook in French
The followers of the Bank’s corporate Facebook page in French wanted most to talk about quality education. Image
  1. Vous avez été plus d'un millier à donner votre avis sur ce qu'il faut faire pour assurer un enseignement de qualité:
  2. La Journée internationale Nelson Mandela, un hommage mondial pour un homme de justice et de paix:
  3. S'informer et postuler pour travailler à la Banque mondiale:
  4.  Cristiano Ronaldo et Didier Drogba font partie des 11 stars du football qui ont participé à une campagne de vidéos contre #Ebola:
  5. Infographie - Comment réduire les risques pour les #femmes pendant la grossesse et l'accouchement:
  6. Tous solidaires contre le terrorisme #bringbackourgirls
  7. La situation économique en Asie de l'Est:
  8. Parce que les papas aussi comptent:
  9. La première conférence TEDxWBG avec le chanteur D'Banj:
  10. Avez-vous déjà signé la pétition #EndPoverty?
Twitter in Spanish
The top tweet in Spanish was about building a social movement to end poverty. Image
  1. ¿Cómo construir un movimiento social para poner #finalapobreza? Pres. Kim y @MCaruso_Cabrera discuten el tema. (
  2. ¿Cómo afecta la #desigualdad a los más #pobres en países en desarrollo? Únase al debate con Pres. Kim @KaushikcBasu (
  3.  + 1000 millones viven en la #pobreza y la brecha entre "los que tienen" y "los que no tienen" crece más.  #endpoverty (
  4.  ¿En dónde viven los más pobres del mundo? #India 33% #China 13% #Nigeria 7% #Bangladesh 6% (
  5. RT @el_BID: ¿#Mujer al volante, peligro constante? Con estos datos, cambiarás de opinión (
  6. #BancoMundial Pdte. Kim lanza programa de protección social a los más pobres #Prospera en #Mexico (
  7. La juventud juega un rol principal en la lucha contra la pobreza. RT si estás de acuerdo. (
  8. RT si estás de acuerdo: " Vivimos en un mundo de desigualdades. Debemos hacer que el mundo mejore para todos". JYK  (
  9. #BancoMundial : #México es líder mundial en programas de #protección social. #Prospera dará más servicios públicos a los pobres. Pdte. Kim. (
  10. #cambioclimático: ¿qué pueden cambiar algunos grados? #Infografía: (
The most popular post on the World Bank’s Dataviz Tumbler depicted the median density of large cities. Image
  1. As people become richer they consume more space: (the Economist)
  2. Where is extreme poverty? (Prosperity for All)
  3. Which Way do the World’s winds blow? (Esri)
  4. Smoking trends around the Globe ( 1980-2012) (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation)
  5. Developing Countries to Grow 5.3% in 2014 (Global Economic Prospects Database)
  6. Quiz: How Well Do You Know the World? (BBC)
  7. 4 Decades of US College Majors in 1 Graph (NPR)
  8. What would all the world’s wealth ($241 trillion) look like as a cube of gold?  (WaitbutWhy)
  9. The End of The Population Pyramid (The Economist)
  10. What’s the story with food loss and waste? (World Bank)
Instagram Posts in Arabic
The most popular posts featured famous footballers sharing messages about Ebola. Image
World Bank Live
The top webcast event was Prince William’s speech about wildlife crime at the International Corruption Hunters meeting in December.
1. Take on Corruption: Ending Impunity (Featuring Prince William)
2. Live Chat: Young Professionals Program
3 . Empowering Women & Girls for Shared Prosperity (Featuring Hillary Clinton)
4. A Conversation without a Tie (Featuring President of Uruguay Jose Mujica)
5. The Impact of the Ebola Crisis
6. #EndPoverty2030, Millennials Take on the Challenge
7. Building Shared Prosperity in an Unequal World
8. A Conversation with Ali Velshi and Jim Yong Kim
9. Increasing Agricultural Productivity in Africa
10. Toward Universal Health Coverage by 2030


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