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Livable, Sustainable, Inclusive and Resilient cities. Our #Loop4Dev challenge creatively shows what they look like

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A few weeks ago we launched our #Loop4Dev Boomerang challenge, which leverages Instagram’s Boomerang app, to show the world what inclusive, sustainable, livable and resilient cities look like. Thanks to all those who participated, and if you haven’t seen the challenge yet, head over to Instagram and check out the submissions received so far. Join the challenge (if you have not already) and help us raise awareness of the important role cities play in ending poverty.

In the meantime, see a few of our favorite submissions that people across the world have shared:
Wilder Aguilar from La Paz Bolivia showed us how this cable way is improving the quality of life for the people of La Paz and El Alto, by providing a reliable and safe transportation service.
  We were also excited to see this submission from Smdkdiagne in Senegal who shared how this wholesaler of frozen fish is making it affordable for people to buy food – a quality which most livable cities should have: Our very own, Brad Simmons travelled to Accra Ghana and discovered how Makola Market was an epicenter of trade in the country. Look at the bustling business:

Makola Market in Accra, Ghana. An epicenter of trade in the country - dominated by female merchants. #loop4dev #accra #ghana

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And Antonella Delvecchio from Merida, Venezuela stated it appropriately by saying: Our cities should give us the same opportunities to grow and develop  because they have a direct impact in our life. See her video:

La campaña del Banco Mundial para poner fin a la pobreza antes de 2030 inicia con la necesidad de crear conciencia en la ciudadanía de cómo deberían ser nuestras ciudades y de cómo nosotros como agentes podemos colaborar para construir un mundo mejor. Para mí la respuesta es fácil, si nos encargamos de enseñar a los demás de cómo deberían ser nuestras ciudades y de qué deberían hacer los gobiernos para mejorar el bienestar social entonces contribuimos para que las personas hagan presión y sepan cuál es el camino a seguir. Todos los gobiernos deberían velar porque sus ciudades sean inclusivas y sostenibles, pero ¿a qué hace referencia esto?, se trata de construir ciudades que vayan en pro de la conservación del medio ambiente, con infraestructuras adecuadas, donde todos sus habitantes tengan acceso a servicios básicos y a una vivienda digna, porque en estas es donde nuestra vida se desarrolla y su impacto sobre nosotros y el medio que nos rodea es inmenso. . . . . . To build a better world we just have to work together and teach others what things should be like. To me our cities should give us the same opportunities to grow and develop because they have a direct impact in our life. . . . #worldbank #loop4dev #itspossible #boomerangoftheweek #endpoverty #venezuela #mérida

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We also saw this cool boomerang from Drinaldoo from Indonesia, who noticed how much her city of Malang is growing: With more people moving into cities around the world for better opportunities, it will become increasingly critical for all of us to ensure that these spaces are places we can live a full life. Won’t you join us in celebrating our cities? Shoot your own boomerang and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #Loop4Dev !


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