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Meet the winners and finalists of the first WBG Big Data Innovation Challenge!

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I’m happy to announce and share the list of the winners and finalists of the first WBG Big Data Innovation Challenge. We remain open to partnerships to help push forward any and all of these initiatives.
Winning finalists (ordered by Global Practice name):
  1. Erick Fernandes, Agriculture: Big Data for Climate Smart Agriculture - Enhancing & Sustaining Rice Systems for Latin America and the World.
  2. Tariq Khokhar, Development Economics: How good are CDR-derived measures of income and inequality, and can governments systematically use them?.
  3. Melissa Adelman, Education: Targeting Poverty by Predicting Poverty: Using Machine Learning in Targeted Transfer Programs.
  4. Kwawu Mensan Gaba, Energy and Extractives: Tracking Light from the Sky Version 2.0 or Monitoring Rural Electrification from Space.
  5. Kai Kaiser, Governance: OpenRoads Philippines: Improved Real Time Decision making of Infrastructure Investments for the Philippines by linking geospatial road network data with rich geo-tagged social data collected through mobile phones.
  6. Victoria L. Lemieux, Governance: "We feel fine": Big Data Observations of Citizen Sentiment about State Institutions and Social Inclusion.
  7. Sven Harten, IFC: Big Data for Financial Inclusion and Poverty Mapping.
  8. Marco Antonio Hernandez Ore, Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management: Forecasting Poverty and Shared Prosperity Using Cell Phone Data.
  9. David Newhouse, Poverty: Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery and Detection Algorithms to Better Track Poverty in Pakistan.
  10. Alvaro S. Gonzalez, Trade and Competitiveness: Real Time Assessments of How Markets Are Working for the Poor.
  11. Camila Rodriguez, Transport and ICT: Evaluation of Crime and Infrastructure using Bayesian Maximum Entropy and Risk Terrain Modeling approaches in Bogotá, Colombia, 2008 – 2013.
  12. Holly Krambeck, Transport and ICT: Combining Taxi GPS Data and Open-Source Software for Evidence-Based Traffic Management and Planning.
  13. Wei Winnie Wang, Transport and ICT: Big Data for User-focused Identification of Road Infrastructure Condition and Safety Concerns.
  14. Nancy Lozano Gracia, Urban, Rural, and Social Development: The Sensors are Here! A High-Resolution Application on Understanding Individual Travel Patterns in African Cities.
Remaining finalists (ordered by Global Practice name): 
  1. Aart Kraay, Development Economics: Using Sophisticated Content Analytics to Learn from World Bank Project Documents.
  2. Michael F. Crawford, Education: Using Big Data to Predict Student Achievement in Low-Income School Settings.
  3. Shinsaku Nomura, Education: Real Time Forecasting of Skills Demand and Supply: Analytics of Big Data from Babajob in India.
  4. Francisca Ayodeji Akala, Health Nutrition and Population: Big Data and the Cloud – Piloting "eHealth" for Community Reporting of Community Performance-Based Financing in Ghana.
  5. Katie Bannon,  Enterprise Technology: What's for Dinner?.
  6. Anne Brockmeyer, Marco Hernandez, Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management: Big Data solutions for enhancing tax compliance.
  7. Changqing Sun, Social Protection and Labor: Using Big Data Analytics to Discover Patterns of Medical Insurance Utilization for Medical Cost Monitoring in China.
  8. Cordula Rastogi, Trade and Competitiveness: Big Data for freight transport and logistics policy making.
  9. Fiona Collin, Transport and ICT: Improving social transparency in road safety and maintenance operations in Albania through ICT interfaces.
  10. Shomik Raj Mehndiratta, Transport and ICT: Leveraging the private sector (e-hailing service providers) through innovative partnerships to access and utilize taxi GPS data.
  11. Vickram Cuttaree, Transport and ICT: Big Data for Transport Project, Morocco.
  12. Ellen Hamilton, Urban, Rural, and Social Development: Making Sense of Global Urban Data.
  13. Gaetano Vivo, Urban, Rural, and Social Development: Using data from cell phone networks to measure rainfall in data scarce context.
  14. Kathrine Kelm, Urban, Rural, and Social Development: Using Geo-spatial Data to Secure Property Rights.
  15. Marc Forni, Urban, Rural, and Social Development: Enabling up-to-date and accurate authoritative country mapping with crowdsourced geospatial data.
  16. Mark Roberts, Urban, Rural, and Social Development: Global Urban Monitoring Using High Resolution Night-time Lights.
  17. Niels B. Holm-Nielsen, Urban, Rural, and Social Development: Big Data "Just in time analytics" in disaster risk management activities.
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