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President Kim on High-Level Talks with Chinese Leaders

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BEIJING -- On his first trip to China as World Bank Group president, Jim Yong Kim met with several senior leaders in the government, including Vice Premier Li Keqiang. In the meeting with the vice premier, the two, at Li Keqiang's suggestion, agreed to embark on a joint China-World Bank study on how developing countries can best prepare for the continuing massive movement of people into cities.
Details around the urbanization study have yet to be finalized, but the two leaders said it could be part of the new China-World Bank delivery knowledge hub, which was officially established Tuesday, Nov. 27 to initially examine issues around urban transportation.
In the video below, Kim talks about his first round of meetings with Chinese leaders.

[[avp asset="/content/dam/videos/brad/2018/jun-1/jim_kim_in_china_hd.flv"]]/content/dam/videos/brad/2018/jun-1/jim_kim_in_china_hd.flv[[/avp]]

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