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Share your support today for End Poverty Day, October 17

Share your support today for End Poverty Day, October 17

All day, every day, ending poverty is our collective goal. We all want to make sure that everyone has access to jobs, education, food, protection from violence – the list goes on.  A few weeks ago, global leaders and policymakers agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals). No. 1 is ending poverty. So it seems fortuitous that Oct. 17 is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty – a day dedicated to raising awareness about what each of us can do to solve this global issue. 

We’re asking everyone who wants to end poverty to show support. Change your profile pic on your social media channels to one of the eight End Poverty logos below. Share your vision of what must happen for a better world, whether it’s clean water or gender equality. Use the power of social media, using the hashtag #EndPoverty, to invite your family and friends to join the #EndPoverty movement. We have just the one world, let’s make it great.

Here’s how to do that.

First, show that you’re part of the movement and change your profile picture with one of the #EndPoverty logos on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest…). Invite your friends to do the same, starting today. Save one of the logos below (download here) on your phone/drive and upload it to your social media channel.


Image     Image     Image     Image
Image     Image     Image     Image

Then, add the following call to action to your new profile picture:
To #EndPoverty, we all have a role to play. Let’s show support. Change your profile pic to the end poverty logo to commemorate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17.
Second, share one (or more!) of the messages on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. Feel free to personalize or adapt one of the messages to reflect your passion or viewpoint.
Don’t forget: Sign or use the #EndPoverty hashtags in your messages
Social Media messages:
We suggest that when posting on Facebook to include the following call-to-action at the end of the post, or some variation of it:
To #EndPoverty, we all have a role to play. Let’s show support. Change your profile pic to the End Poverty logo today, to commemorate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17.





  • Ending poverty will take more than a day to achieve. But let’s show support. To commemorate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, change your profile pic to the end poverty logo on Oct. 16:
  • In order to help #EndPoverty by 2030, we must provide economic opportunity for the bottom 40% and narrow the income gap with the wealthiest. Raise your voice on Oct. 16 by changing your profile pic with the end poverty logo: 
  • Everyone deserves an opportunity to prosper. #EndPoverty
  • An end to poverty means a World of Opportunity:
  • No country can achieve its potential until ALL its ppl achieve theirs:
  • We've just 15 yrs to end extreme poverty & boost shared prosperity. Let’s make it happen:
  • Ending poverty means more than providing money and resources. It means protection against violence and inequality:
  • How can we fight poverty & improve citizens' quality of life? By showing our support to start:

Share the #EndPoverty song

YouTube link to the song:

Some social messages to spread about the #EndPoverty song:


  • #Music4Dev guest artist, Ghanian singer MzVee. “Once you are educated everything gets better. It makes you more prosperous.” For #Music4Dev guest artist, Ghanian singer MzVee, education is the path to ending poverty. Listen to her brand new song, End Poverty:  
  • #Music4Dev guest artist, Ghanian singer MzVee covers several development issues in her music, like gender equality, education and poverty. In this video, she performs her new song End Poverty:  #EndPoverty
  • To #EndPoverty it’s not just one person’s work, it’s everyone’s work: #Music4Dev guest @mzveegh  
  • “Mikataa mi wor deka” is Ewe language for “we should all come together”: #Music4Dev’s @mzveegh #EndPoverty  
  •  “I think education is very important in attacking poverty”: #Music4Dev guest @mzveegh #EndPoverty  
  • “Once you are educated everything gets better. It makes you more prosperous: #Music4Dev guest @mzveegh #EndPoverty  
  • “We should all educate each other on poverty and how to get rid of poverty”: #Music4Dev guest @mzveegh #EndPoverty
And here are more suggestions if you want to talk about:


  • During the 2015 International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group Annual Meetings in Lima, Peru, World Bank Group President, Jim Kim announced that the World Bank Group will provide about $29 billion per year by 2020 to help fight climate change. More on what this means for developing countries and how it will help #EndPoverty:    
  • .@WorldBank will increase funding to fight #ClimateChange to about $29B /yr by 2020: #EndPoverty
  • @WorldBank announces more funds to help #developing countries fight #climatechange #EndPoverty
  • .@WorldBank, @IMFNews, @UNDP & @UNFCCC representatives join the #V20 for #ClimateAction: #EndPoverty
  • More than 700 M ppl live in extreme poverty around the world. Can renewable energy help? #EndPoverty
  • #Faith can play an important part in mobilizing consciences & tackle #ClimateChange: #EndPoverty
  • #Climatechange affects every nation & every person, but it hits poor people the hardest. - @JimKim_WBG:

For photos about climate change, check out our Climate Change Flickr album.



  • Did you know that in 100 countries around the world, women are shut out of some jobs just because they are women? Women face workplace restrictions and other legal barriers to equality in more than 150 countries. Discrimination hurts not only women and their children, but keeps countries poorer:
  • Did you know that 70% of women face some form of violence in their lifetimes? Young men and women have the opportunity to influence, challenge, and change social norms. Gender based violence not only affects women but also men. How can we engage more men to empower themselves to make a difference in ending gender violence? Learn more about WEvolve:
  • Empowering women to achieve their full potential is key to helping #EndPoverty:    
  • Can #genderequality help countries become more prosperous? Absolutely:  #EndPoverty.
  • Ending discrimination against #women & improving policies can help #EndPoverty:
  • Women can #EndPoverty. Take these women in rural India for example:
  • In 100 countries, women are barred from some jobs solely b/c they are women:   #EndPoverty
  • Workforce #gender gaps & discrimination keep countries poorer:  #Get2Equal #EndPoverty
  • Do laws in your country encourage #women to work? They should in order to #EndPoverty:
  • There are many barriers that keep women mired in extreme poverty. Let’s lift them:

For photos about gender equality, check out our Gender Equality Flickr album.



  • How can we end extreme poverty by 2030? If governments and development organizations focus on #inclusivegrowth, access to basic #services, #job creation, and help for the most vulnerable ending extreme poverty is within our reach:
  • “Inclusion is always a benefit and never a cost”. World Bank Group Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Sri Mulyani explains why she is obsessed with inclusion and how it’s a key driver in development and the fight to #EndPoverty:
TWITTER For photos about social inclusion, check out our Social Inclusion Flickr album.


  • Children need more than books and homework to learn. They need good teachers who inspire them to learn:
  • 250 million children cannot read or write though many have been to school. Without an education, they’re more likely to be trapped in the cycle of poverty:
  • It’s one thing to teach. It’s another to teach well:
  • 250m children can’t read or write though many have been to school. W/o educ, they’re trapped in cycle of poverty:
  • Raise your hand for kids to get access to education:   #EndPoverty
For photos about education, check out our Education Flickr album.


  • Almost half of the world’s poor are expected to live in countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence by 2030. How will we ever #EndPoverty?
  • The last few years have seen a spike in conflicts with an increase in casualties, and almost 60 million people are displaced globally – the highest level since the end of World War II:
  • Homicide rates are four times higher in countries with a Gini index greater than 0.45 than in more equal societies:
  • As long as violence exists, we can’t #EndPoverty:
  • Abt 60m ppl are displaced globally – the highest level since WWII: #EndPoverty
  • 1/2 world’s poor will live in countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence by 2030: #EndPoverty
For photos about conflict, check out our Fragility, Conflict, and Corruption Flickr album.



  • More than 780 million people still lack access to potable water, and over 1.3 billion people lack access to electricity. Without access to water, we can’t #EndPoverty:
  • Ending open defecation means more than building toilets and infrastructure. It means teaching communities that good sanitation means better health: #EndPoverty
  • We live in a world of water security, where service delivery and management of water resources are intricately linked. Without it, we can’t #EndPoverty:
  • Pooping in a toilet and washing your hands can #EndPoverty:
  • We live in a time of ‘thirsty agriculture’ and ‘thirsty energy’ competing with ‘thirsty cities’: #EndPoverty
  • To #EndPoverty, we must ensure availability and sustainable mgmt. of water and sanitation for all: #EndPoverty
For photos about water and sanitation, check out our Water and Sanitation Flickr album.


  • “Poverty crushes opportunity. It crushes people’s dreams to create a life for themselves and their families," says #Music4Dev guest Drew Holcomb. "When I hear ending poverty, I hear the beginning of opportunity."
  • Over a billion people of working age, most of them women, are not participating in the labor force. Among those who do participate, around 200 million are unemployed, including 75 million people under the age of 25. An additional 600 million jobs are needed globally over the next decade to keep employment rates stable and to keep up with population growth:
  • Good, steady jobs and living wages will help the world #EndPoverty by 2030:
  • Access to jobs, increasing wages are critical for our mission to #EndPoverty:
  • Jobs allow ppl to escape poverty, develop skills, gain economic independence: #EndPoverty
For photos about jobs, check out our Jobs Flickr album.



  • Facebook: Around 2 billion people don’t use formal financial services and more than 50% of adults in the poorest households are unbanked. Financial inclusion is a key enabler to #EndPoverty:
  • While the poor don't have the same access to financial products as wealthier individuals, their need for financial services may be even greater: #EndPoverty

For photos about financial inclusion, check out our Financial Inclusion Flickr album.


Check our poverty line videos playlists.

English poverty.png


  • The new #extremepoverty line is set to $1.90 per day, but what exactly is a poverty line? #EndPoverty
  • Worldwide, an estimated 702 Million people live below it; but what exactly is a poverty line? #EndPoverty
  • In 2015, the global poverty rate is projected to fall below 10%. How do we measure poverty? #EndPoverty      
  • How are household surveys used to measure poverty around the world? #EndPoverty
  • When the prices of goods differ between countries, how do you compare the real costs of living? #EndPoverty  
  • What are purchasing power parities (PPPs) and why do they matter for measuring poverty? #EndPoverty
  • Why has the extreme poverty line been updated to $1.90/day? #EndPoverty
  • $1.25 no longer buys what it used to: more on why the #extremepoverty line is updated to $1.90/day: #EndPoverty
  • Despite progress, poverty is still concentrated in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia: #EndPoverty
  • In 2015, global extreme poverty is projected to fall below 10% for the first time: #EndPoverty
  • 4 poverty facts from the newly released Global Monitoring Report: #EndPoverty
For social media assets including logos click here.  


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