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Social Media at the World Bank: Opening up the Spring Meetings With Live Interviews, Your Questions

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5 Questions in 5 Minutes

The twists and turns of the global economy have been the focus of conversations in board rooms, backyards and everything in between since 2008. A new dialogue has emerged about the future – including how to protect the very poorest, create economic opportunity and ensure equality. Amid this, the upcoming Spring Meetings will convene a conversation on several of these themes, including social safety nets, job growth, access to finance and gender equality.

During past meetings, the Bank has opened the doors for public participation through Open Forums on the food crisis and on gender. This spring, we’re turning a part of that conversation over to the public in a new way. We’re asking leaders from the fields of health, finance, technology and more to take questions in a series of live video interviews starting April 18 – via World Bank Live and on Facebook and Twitter.  We’re calling it “5 Questions, 5 Minutes.”

Here’s how to get involved:
Visit to peruse the participants already lined up. Several of the interviews will be conducted in multiple languages, including Arabic, French, Japanese and Spanish. You can submit a question right now.

Here’s a preview of some of the interviews:


Coverage starts April 18 - watch the interviews live or replay them in our video archive.

During the meetings, you’ll find live blogs and chats on several World Bank events, in addition to our 5 Questions live stream.  Join the conversation on our live chats, on Twitter or on Facebook.  On Twitter, you can participate directly with the hashtag #wblive.

The live video stream will wrap up on April 21. Anything you missed will be available to replay – and we’ll be listening  to see which issues and topics that our audience wants to hear more about in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Ask now, share with your friends.


Jim Rosenberg

Digital and Social Media Specialist

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