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Want to Join the Movement to End Poverty? Take It On!


Remember when you were a kid and everyone asked: “What do you want to become when you grow up?” What did you answer? Have you fulfilled your dreams?

Most of us aspire to live our lives to the fullest; to develop our talents; to make a difference in the world.  Sometimes we may feel lost in the great scheme of things. But as the World Bank Group’s Jim Yong Kim points out: The most successful movements to change the world started with a small group of like-minded people. Think of the movements to find a treatment for AIDS, to promote human rights or to ensure gender equality.

In this video, Kim invites all of us to take on the most pressing challenge of a new generation - to end extreme global poverty by 2030. He says we need writers, engineers, economists, medical professionals and even artists to work together. Because together, we can reach this goal by improving education, finding alternative sources of energy, providing better health care, expanding business opportunities and changing long held beliefs.

We can get there if we all utilize our own unique talents with a healthy dose of passion and commitment.

Take it on!

To watch more videos, visit the World Bank YouTube Channel.


Pabsy Pabalan

Digital Engagement Officer and the Channel Manager of World Bank YouTube and Instagram

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