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This is a different Bank than it was in the ‘90s

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Istanbul Kongre Merkezi or Istanbul Congress Center. Istanbul, Turkey. Photo credit: Simone D. McCourtie/World Bank The skies have darkened with rain outside the Istanbul Congress Center, but spirits are high inside. The labyrinth of conference rooms is abuzz with government officials and civil society representatives, looking for pragmatic and innovative solutions to today’s most important development issues.

I personally think the CSO functions are going really well. I’m seeing a lot of collaboration, a lot of common ground, and even more so than in the past.

I think this is due to the Bank’s position as a voice for the poorest and our demonstrated commitment to providing the resources countries need to deal with the food and financial crises.

This is a different Bank than it was in the ‘90s. The Bank is placing a lot of attention on social issues during times of crisis.

Of course the CSOs and we don’t agree on everything, but the atmosphere is very positive and we are appreciative of our respective roles. Our discussions have been more constructive than ever. Our relationship is progressing in a very healthy manner, and I look forward to finding even more ways to work together to improve development outcomes.


Marwan Muasher

Former Senior Vice President, External Affairs

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