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Samir Kumar Das
April 13, 2015

A Peaceful world without Hunger.
To prevent, mitigate and resolve violent conflicts, violation of Human Rights ,
Elevation of poverty, Sustainable Development, Child Trafficking, Drug abuse ,
Women Empowerment, Youth Development, Disaster Risk Reduction around the
world by monitoring, evaluating providing analysis, education, Campaign,
Seminars, Training, Health Checkup and resources to those working for nation
building activities.
Core Principles
1. We believe poverty can be removed by proper application of Social, culture, education and economic development.It needs different progressive activities which involve various segment of the society.Though conflict is inevitable, but it can be addressed effectively without violence.We should try to achieve the yard-stick by means of aggrandizement, more sustainable and less destructive to human lives, improve livelihoods, Culture, Education and well-being of the society.
2. We will adapt to the evolution through skill & improved mechanism.
Our Endeavour is to practical skill through cutting edge research, case studies, and presentations tailored to the unique needs to develop and implement strategies to increase the value of Leadership to the community and constituents
3. We like to be guided by UN Themes and its mandate. To respect the ideals and principles of UN Charter and promote International Understanding in conformity with the principles and ideals of various UN org. like UNESCO, OHCHR, UNODC, UNCTAD, UNCAC, UN DESA, UN NGLS,ICC, ILO IFAD, ECOSOC, UNICEF, WORLD BANK, IMF, UNV, WTO, etc.
Our best efforts to follow the regular activities, reports, meetings of different NGO Departments of UN, to prevent, mitigate and resolve violation of Human Rights,
conflicts, etc.
Our impact is wider and more enduring when we work with partners and members
in different UN body, government, multilateral organizations, business and civil
society around the world.
Our Endeavour always to collaborate, affiliate, recognize or enlist the different
UN and other International Organisations, Governments, etc.
5. We believe in constant improvement.Our NGO promote diversity, tolerance in society while protecting and strengthening culture, science, environment; and support all activities and concerns that make a vibrant civil society. We motivate people in all aspects of society especially vulnerable section of the society to become a dynamic, self-reliant, and innovative citizens and an asset to the society. To achieve excellence in everything we do, we strive consistently the mandate of different UN NGO sectors to improve both our own work and the work of our colleagues.
6. We innovate, learn and share whenever possible.We observe new means of addressing challenges and incorporate lessons learned into future work. Whenever and wherever possible, we share our knowledge, techniques,experiences and resources that can help others to ameliorate nation building activities.
We need your help to gt any small project on Water supply & Sanitation in rural area of West Bengal and Climate Change / sustainable deveopment project.
Samir Kumar Das