Six Charts on How Corruption Impacts Firms Worldwide


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At times, I ask my friends in Nepal, why they would not launch a business, especially when they have funds. A common obstacle for everyone is that they say you have to bribe government officials to even open a business.
Turns out, this isn’t unique to Nepal. According to Drivers of Corruption, a report recently published by the World Bank, developing countries are generally more affected by corruption than other countries. 

Here are six charts that show firms’ experiences with corruption around the world . These charts are based on surveys of more than 13,000 firms in 135 countries, by World Bank Enterprise Surveys.

Check out these charts and tell us if you are surprised. 

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k p sharma
December 10, 2014

People(rural/urban both) are scared of approaching seniors fearing ruthless repression.The only way of getting work done is to somehow keep authorities on your side.Govt try to change it by bringing transparency using digital tools & making information public

sameer mahmood ansari
December 09, 2014

Can you please name the countries.

Ravi Kumar
December 09, 2014

Sameer, you can find a list of countries here: