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Transparency. Efficiency. Quality. If you work with infrastructure projects, as I do, these are words you will hear all the time. Unfortunately, these concepts are familiar to us because so many projects lack them – often realized during a “lessons learned” recap of what not to do next time.

But with the new International Infrastructure Support System (IISS) - a digital platform that supports project preparation -achieving transparency, efficiency and quality in infrastructure PPPs, and traditional procurement, is within our reach .  I’ve been involved in IISS’s development for last six years and I’m inspired by this platform’spotential to transform the way infrastructure projects are prepared, financed and delivered .  Through it, we will be able to deliver more quality-infrastructure faster and improve people’s quality of life across the globe.
An Introducation of International Infrastructure Support System - Video produced by the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation


This new approach to project preparation is the result of collaboration among the world’s major MDB (multilateral development banks) and DFIs (development financing institutions), along with many forward-thinking private sector institutions. In fact, its collaboration with other knowledge initiatives and databases sets IISS apart from other project platforms. 
In recognition of the progress IISS has made and the results of the pilot projects conducted to date, several development banks and project preparation facilities have already agreed to use IISS for their infrastructure projects. They have also pledged to contribute to the ongoing future use of IISS for the benefit of governments around the world.  Adoption of the platform is already guaranteed across a wide range of sectors.
Why should you use it?
If you’ve been part of an infrastructure project at any stage, you already know how difficult it is for the many contributors to operate from one single working environment. For example, consultants on a project may not be quite up to date on the latest government or management decisions; problems with version control can often slow down or confuse progress; communication between the public and private sector can be compromised by outdated or mistaken assumptions; and the ability to generate and disseminate reports may be limited due to data availability and inefficient communication channels. 

IISS, a single platform that has been endorsed by major MDBs and DFIs, solves these problems – and addresses many other infrastructure project challenges.  I know this because we have incorporated more than 3,000 pieces of feedback received from more than 60 organizations on the platform.
One of the reasons the platform took six years to develop is because both the private sector and the public sector were involved in its development phase. 

This is critical for the platform’s success.  Both sides participated in rigorous online and onsite feedback sessions and pilots that tested every aspect of the platform’s capabilities. 

Who’s behind it?
The just-launched platform was initially created by the Asian Development Bank under the acronym NIIS (National Infrastructure Support Systems). NIIS showed so much potential that the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF) was created with support from several MDBs and DFIs specifically to expand NIIS to serve a global audience. In addition to providing funding, the following MDBs and DFIs are also members of the Advisory Committee, which provides advice and guidance on the strategic direction of IISS:

What next?
Currently, IISS is progressively being rolled out to governments around the world. This will ensure we capture real projects by real people with real needs. Once there is a substantial pipeline of quality projects in the system, we will invite private sector companies to register and explore exciting investment opportunities.
IISS is poised to become the global standard for infrastructure project preparation and a one-stop shop for potential investors. But this will only happen with your active interest and, ultimately, use of the platform. So I encourage you to get involved! To find out more about IISS, please go to


Christophe Dossarps

Chief Executive Officer of the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation

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Santiago Forteza
January 28, 2016

That's great news. Is there a possibility for private sector to participate from now proposing private initiative projects that can accelerate the impact of this platform?

January 29, 2016

Thank you Santiago, this is an excellent proposal! In fact, we have designed IISS to allow Governments, Project Development/Preparation Facilities, Bilateral Agencies and Development Banks to create/initiate project on IISS by inviting a Public Sector (Ministry, Agency, PPP Unit) and a Project Manager, whom could very well be a private contractor (i.e. IPP).

Marcos Siqueira Moraes
January 28, 2016

I have had the chance to operate IISS in a few pilot projects and, as Christophe says, it has the potential to change the game. From my first had experience with IISS, I found it creates and communicates standardized project data, reducing transaction costs and improving the quality of information available!

January 29, 2016

Thank you Marcos, perfect summary of IISS! With IISS Globally Launched now, I am certainly looking forward to working with you in 2016.

Dawood Latif
January 29, 2016

IISS is a great idea and I would like to know how we could have funding in providing solution to world SEWAGE SLUDGE problem.
We have ways of burning the primary sludge at about 830 deg C and turning that into a burnable product in boilers, the calorific value of this product is 20% better than coal. Is there any funding of such a well founded solution. The Sewage sludge dumped into landfills create a lot of Aqua field problems and it is not suitable for gardens, although it has been used that way.

Dawood Latif
February 01, 2016

Can I please have a contact details of a project manager WORLD BANK for PPP.
This is excellent and we want to partners in this field of environment engineering.
Power production with endless supply of fuel.

phillips david
February 17, 2016

I would like to access the IISS system to assist me with my studies for large scale government projects

March 09, 2016

Dear Philips, please send an email to [email protected]. We would be able to share some information. Looking forward to it.

Shreyans Jain
April 15, 2016

Hi Christophe. Reading about IISS is very pleasing. I think the approach is wornderful and it builds on the erstwhile NIIS platform. I am involved with several projects here in India and most of them are in the infrastructure space. Having marketed NIIS earlier, it is imperitive that the IISS is rolled out soon in India, if not already done. The infrastructure funding gap in India is estimated at more than USD 1 trillion.Most of the problems faced by infrastructure companies and government are the ones that IISS seeks to solve. India is and will be the largest spender on infrastructure going forward. look forward to your views.
Best - Shreyans

June 09, 2016

Thank you Shreyans! You are absolutely right! Please contact us at [email protected]. Looking forward!

June 09, 2016

Thank you Shreyans! Really appreciated. You should contact us at [email protected] for India. What do you think?