How can we help countries share their own development knowledge? Insights from Japan


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To help clients achieve their development objectives, the World Bank has established knowledge-sharing "hubs" in countries that have gained valuable experience from dealing with their own challenges. That is the rationale behind the creation of a Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Hub and Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) in Japan, a country that has developed unparalleled expertise in disaster resilience, quality infrastructure, and sustainable urban development. In this video, Keiko Sakoda Kaneda (DRM Hub) and Daniel Levine (TDLC) elaborate on some of the key elements of their work program, and explain how they collaborate with development partners from around the world.


Keiko Sakoda

Keiko Sakoda, Disaster Risk Management Specialist, World Bank

Daniel Levine

Team Lead, Tokyo Development Learning Center, Social, Urban, Rural, Resilience Global Practice