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New website. just got a pretty significant makeover. The design is more modern – with less clutter and better use of visuals (images, video, graphics). The navigation is more streamlined and, we hope, more intuitive for you. We know thousands of you rely on our website for research, data and knowledge to help you solve some of the world’s most challenging problems in your own line of work. You use it to connect with experts and learn about projects around the world. You use it to find a job. You use it to hold us accountable. 

We pride ourselves on being an open and transparent organization, and finding what you are looking for on our website is paramount to that.
Initial testing of the new design shows great improvement in ‘way finding.’ Where visitors were previously able to find what they were looking for only 30% of the time, in this new design the success rate jumps to 80%. 
As with anything new, it might take some time to get used to all the changes. It’s important that we hear from you about what’s not working. It’s also nice to hear what is.
Please continue to share your feedback by leaving a comment on this blog, or clicking through to our very short survey.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Submitted by christopher on


Submitted by Jennifer Marler on

I am a Canadian physician, living in the United States, who is researching pathways to revitalize the health system. After three years of thinking through all sorts of issues, I realized that the World Bank is my key inspiration. If we can find ways to build citizen engagement and, in parallel, physician agency (through reducing needless administrative burdens and redundant regulatory elements), I begin to see a solution. It's about connection across cultures, inclusion, and learning from one another. Together with the UN, you have set a landmark global stage, in critically appraising and engaging citizen behavior in close to 200 countries as a fundamental measure to help people further themselves towards the Millenium Development Goals. I think the World Bank is a fantastic organization and, if I had the power, I would give you a Nobel peace prize. I am grateful for everything you do, right down to your attention to the user web experience. Thank you so much for inspiring, in me, a vision for what could be possible if all the US stakeholders take a deep breath, focus on inclusion, involving patients and simply begin with open discussion of where to begin with US health policy.

Submitted by Donald Masunga on

I'm am applying for jobs opportunity which is available my level of education I reached diploma of human resources management.

Submitted by Deng on

Nice program appreciated. Hope we shall do more collective ideas for the better world.

Submitted by Godfrey Temba on

A step into right organisation, i look forward to learn.

Submitted by Laro Ofwono Wilson on

I have liked the way the Group works to assist the poor countries

Submitted by ALHASSAN IBN ABASS on

Feeling great to joining you institution and others around the globe. It will privilege me as a development advocate who is trying and working on behalf of the underserved and the vulnerable to bring change and development, will exploit a facid of different ideas. It will be an avenue to share and contribute sailing issues of women, children and the the aged.we must must move together as a people.

Submitted by John Van Laar on

One of the solution of solving poverty is education. One of the best ways is Alternative Learning System, an outstanding job is done by the Rotary club of Mactan.
For cities it is important to plan transportation systems, train and or subway, now in a circle of at least 50 km diameter. It will prevent transportation problems, it allows sub communities to grow and the centre city to be the hub for industry and head offices.


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