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This outbreak can be contained given our shared goals — but we must act fast

The rapidly evolving coronavirus outbreak has now spread to more than 60 countries, requiring urgent action to help them respond to, prevent and reduce the contagion and loss of life.  The response will be most effective if governments and the private sector take co-ordinated and rapid action. 

We know from experience with Ebola, Sars and Zika that with the right measures, taken quickly, countries can stop the transmission of diseases such as this one, which has been dubbed Covid-19, and protect lives. We also know that poorer countries with weak health systems are often hit hardest by such outbreaks and they disproportionately affect the most vulnerable populations that are least prepared to limit the spread of pathogens. 

Our shared goals are straightforward. We need to limit human-to-human transmission; identify, isolate and care for patients early; reduce transmission in communities; support community engagement and minimise social and economic impact. 

In this effort, countries face different levels of risk and vulnerability to this virus and will require different types of assistance and levels of financial support, so flexibility and responsiveness will be crucial. 

The World Bank and International Finance Corporation are moving quickly to help countries strengthen local health systems and primary healthcare  to safeguard people from the epidemic and make sure that they have access to disease surveillance information and public health interventions. We announced this week an initial package of up to $12bn for countries that need crisis financing of immediate needs from Covid-19. A key component involves the provision of trade finance to enable private sector imports. 

But addressing emergency health and economic impacts from this outbreak must be followed by longer-term investments to build stronger and more resilient health systems. 

This makes sense both from a health and an economic perspective. Putting more resources on the front lines to detect and treat conditions early, before they become more serious, saves lives, improves health outcomes, reduces healthcare costs and strengthens preparedness for when outbreaks occur. 

"If this outbreak continues to spread on the current trajectory, the second-order impacts will quickly become an economic emergency, pushing the world towards a recession that would have a severe impact on the poorest countries and people."
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David Malpass
World Bank Group President

With limited resources and low government capacity, many of the poorest countries don’t have the health infrastructure or adequate resources to prepare for disease outbreaks.  Yet swift detection of an outbreak and rapid emergency response can reduce avoidable sickness and deaths, and lower the economic, social and security impacts. 

All governments should increase their health security. Strong primary health systems are the most effective way to do that.  The common excuses of competing priorities, invisible outcomes, and a lack of funding for public goods make less sense now than ever. 

The costs of upgrading defences against health security threats are just a fraction of the resulting costs of epidemics.  Recent estimates suggest that most countries would need to spend $1.69 per person per year to achieve an acceptable level of epidemic preparedness. For most countries, this is less than 2 per cent of what they spend on healthcare. 

During the Sars and Mers outbreaks, we saw how weak healthcare systems and hospital management led to higher morbidity and mortality. To stop the spread of coronavirus in hospitals, countries will need isolation facilities, triaging and infection prevention and control. It is clear from the number of recent infections among front-line responders that we also need to help build the capacity of healthcare workers and ensure the availability of protective equipment at the local level. 

If this outbreak continues to spread on the current trajectory, the second-order impacts will quickly become an economic emergency, pushing the world towards a recession that would have a severe impact on the poorest countries and people.  The World Bank Group is working with the IMF and other institutions. We are prepared to use all our available instruments to the fullest extent possible. We have rapid financing mechanisms that, collectively, can help countries respond to a wide range of needs, including support for the poorest during economic turbulence. 

This outbreak can be contained. Actions taken now by countries and the international community can save lives. The breadth of the response will be crucial to its effectiveness. Countries must also strengthen their health surveillance and primary health systems, which are essential to stopping the spread of this and any future outbreaks. 

Originally published in the Financial Times.


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Mohamed Saleh
March 10, 2020

In order to help countries in Africa and South Asia prepare, for now, we can save lives from car accidents and slow down the global virus circulation - which is particularly focused on developing countries. These are the actions that leaders must take now. There is no room to waste time.
Safe transition is the first engine of sustainable development society strongly to the preservation of people’s lives for easy communication between the developed peoples and the marginalized and poor people in remote places away from the big cities because there are no paved roads sufficient to allow the movement of a large number of people were to the establishment of the paved roads with illumination costs the budgets of these countries large sums of money that these countries cannot provide. to spread health awareness and help in the treatment of diseases and the dissemination of science and equality among the woman’s and men’s to provide employment opportunities for all individuals in these disenfranchised communities, to stop ignorance of customs this is the most important goal of gender equality in treatment, science, and employment. All women and children have the right to basic education, the world has cut the number of women and children without an education in half, this progress must extend to the over 50 million still left out. Educated and healthy woman and children will lead their communities out of poverty and build the thriving nations of tomorrow.
Africa is a continent where there is much wealth, but many of the poor live in remote villages far from urban areas, however, there are no roads that are paved and luminous enough to move safely overnight because no new roads have been established to accommodate the continuous population increase, to reduce poverty for women for economic and social integration, Also, there are no bright roads that allow safe overnight travel of specialized medical personnel to carry out full disease immunization operations to raise health awareness and complete immunization against all infectious diseases as COVID-19, Ebola and HIV among these poor communities that do not have the money to travel to hospitals in big cities, Especially sick children and elderly people who cannot move and pregnant women who cannot afford to travel on unlit rough roads at night are extremely crowded during the day and they also make sure that women have access to life-saving medicines during childbirth. Jean Todt, the UN special envoy for road safety, said at the “Africa Road Safety 2017” conference in Cape Town, South Africa, at least 650 people are killed daily in road accidents across Africa. According to him, 90 percent of people and goods on the African continent are transported by land, adding that road accidents “can deprive any country of its true development potential”. The continent suffers from the highest rate of traffic deaths on roads from any other country. The region, though owned less than 5% of the world’s registered vehicles, still has 20% of the world’s road accidents. “Therefore, Africa has been severely affected by the crisis of safety on world roads.
Manufacturing an invention of the actual application of vaccines and treatment of diseases for all persons in isolated far areas which affected the poor to reach the hospital.
I’m from Egypt at Africa, I have two inventions were implemented to develop the night lighting system, patents No, 26771 / 2011 (Extra Spotlights through Xenon, Laser or LED Bulb) and patent No, 29238 / 2014 (A device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles using lights tubes without dazzled) Issued by the Academy of Scientific Research in Cairo Egypt.
In order development of nightlife lighting system currently used in all vehicles to reduce night accidents, environmental pollution of the lights, also for increase and enhance night vision and control the orientation of light dazzled (the only control now turns the light on or off) there has been no development since the invention of the first car,
Is done by installation inside of body vehicle to the rear is far from the front (An invention of a device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles using lights tubes without dazzled) to control such glow on, then redirected to the front for radiate through the Tubes of lights within it a nanotechnology-treated lighting element, to support and increase the power of lighting without dazzled, with diffusion of light at a near-Earth horizontal level in all directions, they are installed inside the projector at specific angles and degrees to control the direction of light away from the vision of others, by optical sensors, one mounted at the driver's view level and the other above the light exit slot, They communicate with each other a special mobile device system (The ‘mobile edge)’ to signal a motor that moves the projector from the rear up or down to change the angle of the light output from the front at a specific level of the a light sensor installed in the vehicle by the driver below the eye level automatic 200 meters after which the dazzled light is lost, for steering the light is far from the other driver's vision level to prevent light dazzled interference traditional. (There are also other elements that will be explained later)
This invention also contributes strongly to travel insurance for long distances on roads at night where there is no lighting, for vehicles equipped to donate blood, which has blood quality analysis laboratories and preserves and then return to the blood banks in the main cities To reach blood donors in communities that live in remote places away from urbanization because they are poor people who do not have the money to travel to the blood donation banks in the main cities, which contributes strongly to increase the blood yield and save many lives.
There are contacts with the United Nations, the WHO, the World Bank and the International Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety. I have received more than one invitation to attend international conferences, The last attend I received from; 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety: “Achieving Global Goals 2030”
Considering to the importance of the invention that was made on the international arena to reduce the accidents of night vehicles due to the problems of night lighting system that is now used in all vehicles, The last attend I received from; 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety: “Achieving Global Goals 2030”,,,, Dear friends of road safety, On behalf of the Government of Sweden, and in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), I have a great pleasure and the honour to invite you to participate in the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, "Achieving Global Goals 2030” that will take place on 19--2 February 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. Likewise, I received an invitation to confirm to join the SDG World Festival, which will be held from 1-3 April 2020 at the World Conference Center in Bonn, Germany. Where each of the festival leaders is an active participant, contributor, and participant in the creation of important content and talks that will take place in the event. The SDG Global Business Festival is a flagship annual event supported by the United Nations SDG Action campaign with support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Office. (Attached is a copy of the invitation)

The invention proves the close relationship between strong vehicle lights dazzled at night, which violate darkness of the sky with environmental pollution of lights and global warming to reduce climate change and pollution caused by the spread of optical dazzled have a direct adverse effect on human health, Because of the lack of attention to this pollution has devastating effects on all life and increase the climatic changes and natural disasters as the report, Short-lived climate pollutants, such as methane, black carbon, hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs)and tropospheric ozone have a powerful effect on global temperatures and many are also damaging air pollutants for example; methane is a potent greenhouse gas with a global warming impact 86 times higher than that of carbon dioxide over a 20-year time horizon, It is also the largest precursor to ground-level ozone a major component of smog, which can worsen bronchitis and asthma and damage lung tissue, Troposphere ozone exposure alone is responsible for an estimated one million premature deaths each year. All these pollutants increase strongly when exposed to strong lighting and evaporate to rise in the Earth's atmosphere. Also, have a direct adverse effect on the natural environment for the life of insects working on the pollination of crops for continued agricultural production without the cost, such as bees endangered and poor production of food is very important for human health.
What is Light Pollution? Most of us are familiar with air, water, and land pollution, but did you know that light can also be a pollutant? The inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light – known as light pollution – can have serious environmental consequences for humans, wildlife, and our climate. By joining IDA you can make a difference in protecting our Planet, saving billions of dollars in wasted energy, and connecting future generations with our legacy of starry skies.

رافدعبدالكريم عبدالملك طة الدبعي
March 10, 2020

اسال من الله الشفاء العاجل لكل المصابين في جميع دول العالم فمااجمل ان نوحد كافة الجهودمنهاالقطاع الطبي وكافة المجالات والقطاعات الاخركنضام اقتصادي موحد من اجل القضاء على الفقرومن اجل القضاء على كافة الاوبية الصحية والسياسية في معالجة كافة القضاياء بجهودموحدة كاقضية موحدة ووطن واحد
كاحل شامل من اجل معالجة كافة المشاكل فان رسالتي للبنك الدولي وللامم المتحدة وللعالم بكل الحب والاحترام لكافة الدول بان يجب ان يكن هنالك عمله واحدة تتداول بها كافة الدول  قبل كل الحلول لانها ستقودكم في استكمال كافة الحلول في تغير استراتيجية النضام العالمي في وحدة الدول في كافة القطاعات على تسوية سياسية شامله دون الجوء لسياسة التحريض والفتن والحرب ومن اجل القضاء على الفقر
‏فنحن مع تغيرالمناخ بوجودالطاقة النضيفة والبديلة التي تصاحب البيئة من اجل حمياية عالمنا ومايتبعها من العديد من الصناعات المصاحبة للبيئة والتطورات الصناعية والتي يجب ان تكتمل بنضام اقتصادي موحد في استكمال الشراكة ووحدة الدول من اجل السلام العالمي في الحل الشامل وذلك بالاتفاق بين كافة دول العالم كااستراتيجيه شامله عن طريق الامم التحدةوالبنك الدولي عبراستراتيجيه جديده وشامله في خفض التكاليف الاسعار وفي الشراكه والتنمية بين البنك الدولي والقطاع الحكومي والخاص في توحيد كافة القطاعات الصناعيه عبراتحاد المنضمات عبرموازنه شامله للسوق الدولي  وذلك بدآ بالاتفاق بين جميع الدول على عمله واحده يتم التداول بها اقتصاديآ في كل البلدان اوطباعة عمله نقدية موحده بين كافة دول العالم بان توامن هذه العمله بشفره خاصه تعمل بالرنين المغناطيسي ولهااجهزه كشف في كل البنوك المصرفية وفي كل الاماكن تدولها بدلآ من تامينها بالذهب بهذه الطريق سيصير الذهب لاقيمة له وسينتهي صراع العملات بين الدول افضل ان يكن اسم العمله العالميه (R.D) ثم تنتقل كمرحلة في البداء في عزل السياسات القائمه على سياسة التجويع التي تستغل الشعوب في الانخراط اليها والهلاك بهم في ساحات الحروب
وذلك عبرالصمان الاجتماعي ثم تنتقل في توحيد القطاعات والاستثمار داخل الدول وذلك بدان في تبني القطاعات داخل الدولة عبرالسجل التجاري كاخطوة اولى في بدية تبني القطاعات في دمج الشراكة بين المؤاسات والقطاع وبين المنضمات والبنك الدولي  عبرنضام اداري وهوادارة تخصصات لكل القطاعات والمؤسسات التنموية فكل تخصص تنموي مثل الزراعة والصناعةوالصحة والتعليم فكل قطاع سيشكل نضام شامل لكل تخصصي  مستقل بمجلس من ذوي الكفائات في نفس المجال التخصصي وباستقلاكافة القطاعات الاخراء بمجالس مستقلة من ذوي الكفائات لكل التخصصات والتي منها ستتشكل السلطة التشريعية ويشمل ذلك عبر نضام اتحادي عالمي بعملة نقدية موحدة وقطاع موحد وهوية واحدة في وحدة كافة التخصصات لكل القطاعات والتعليم والمواد  المنهجية ودمج كل المجالات التخصصيه بنضام اتحادي عالمي كاحل شامل يعالج وينهي كل الصراعات والمشاكل دون حرب ) وكذلك ايضآستطيع كل دولةالبداءبطباعة عملتهاالنقدية حتى وان كانت غير موامنة ستوامن كل دوله عملتها عبر استثمارها داخليآ في تبني كافة القطاعات والصناعات عن طريق البنك المركزي للدوله كداعم ومستثمر اساسي في التحكم في موازنة السوق في تخفيض الاسعار وتقوية العمله بدلآ من تضخمها ويكتمل ذلك بالشراكه بين البنك والقطاع الخاص بالاستكفأ الذاتي لكل دوله فبهذه الطريقه ايضآستستطيع كل الدول القضاء على الفقر وحل مشاكلها

Mrs Saranya Sinthuchon
March 10, 2020

we would like to join and support your project

Eppie Edwards
March 10, 2020

Thanks for the article.