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Making Digital Government a Reality: Join a Global Webinar for Leaders of Government Transformation

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What is the future of digital government? A short answer: it’s constantly evolving based on factors including policy priorities, technologies and citizen demands. But there’s no question that digital government is a considerable driving force behind economic growth, job creation and societal transformation.

On June 5, 2014, the World Bank will host a Global Webinar on the Future of Digital Government from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. EDT. You can join us by signing up here. You can also follow the webinar through the World Bank ICT Twitter page, using the hashtag #digigov.

This webinar will bring together world’s top government transformation leaders, change makers and ICT experts to reflect on the following challenges:
  • What is the next phase or iteration of digital government in your country or worldwide?
  • What are the challenges, opportunities and trends that will be the significant game changers over the next three years that CIOs and other transformation leaders will need to be ready for?
  • What one thing would you recommend to a government leader in a developing country seeking to deliver digital government?

The discussion will be moderated by Jane Treadwell, recent CEO of DesignGov at Australian Centre for Excellence in Public Sector Design; Andrew Stott, former UK Government Deputy CIO; and Frank Leyman, former Chairman of International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration. This conversation will feature:
  • Jean-Philbert Nsengimana, Minister of Youth and ICT, Rwanda
  • Alexey Kozyrev, Deputy Minister of ICT, Russian Federation
  • Liam Maxwell, Government Chief Technology Officer, UK
  • Dave Adamson, Deputy CIO for the Government of Canada at the Treasury Board Secretariat
  • Rajendra Kumar, Joint Secretary (e-Gov) at Department of Electronics and IT, India
  • Wonki Min, Spokesperson, Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning, Republic of Korea
  • Stela Mocan, Executive Director of the e-Government Centre, Moldova
The World Bank’s High-Level Experts, Leaders, and Practitioners (HELP) Network was created in 2010 to facilitate the dynamic exchange of knowledge between peers and has since supported high impact e-transformation initiatives to help client countries leverage cutting-edge approaches and shared IT platforms, such as open data, cloud computing, cybersecurity, microwork and open innovation for development, economic growth, and poverty reduction. Through showcasing success stories and exploring the benefits of ICT, the network has provided knowledge, experience-sharing opportunities and resources to decision-makers around the world.

Moldova, Mongolia and Rwanda among others have benefitted from the sharing of breakthrough experiences, strategies and insights thanks to financial support from the Korean ICT Trust Fund. Now, in association with the International Council for IT in Government Administration, the Network is responding to requests to becoming more inclusive and open for dialogue with the global expert community.

Please take time to participate in this dynamic webinar and learn more about the breakthrough experiences, strategies and insights that are helping reshape the future of digital government. 


Oleg Petrov

Senior Digital Development Specialist, World Bank

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