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Top Ten Development Impact Blog Posts of 2018

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Before we begin new posts next week, here are the 10 Development Impact posts published in 2018 that were most popular (by number of page views).
The problem with simply counting page views for a top ten list is that it naturally favors posts from early in the year, since they’ve had more time to accumulate views. That’s consistent with the data: Only one of the above posts was published after April (#6).

An alternative would be to calculate an adjusted score, such as the average page views per day since the post was published. But if posts accumulate most of their views in the first few days or weeks, then recent posts will be favored since their average will be high as they are still in their “popular” phase. (That’s also consistent with the data: Ordered that way, only three of the top ten posts were published before September.)

Of course, you could use the average decay in page views over time to construct a… Okay, too complicated. Here are the six additional posts that would have made it into the top ten if we were doing a simple per-day popularity ranking:
Happy reading, and we’re looking forward to a new year of evaluating impact!


David Evans

Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

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