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Interested in using purchasing power parity data? The International Comparison Program’s new site has you covered

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The International Comparison Program (ICP) is pleased to announce its new website.

The ICP estimates purchasing power parities, or PPPs, for use as currency converters to compare the size and price levels of economies around the world.  The new website is a rich repository of over 1,100 files and includes: an overview of the program and its history, governance structure, results and their uses, methodology and research agenda. The site also includes ICP reports, guides, videos, newsletters, and links to news articles, blogs and academic and research papers using ICP data and results.


In her recent post, 7 million prices and counting: what’s next for PPPs and the ICP?, Haishan Fu announced that the ICP has been instituted as a permanent element of the global statistical program by the United Nations Statistical Commission. The World Bank is now home to the permanent Global ICP Unit, responsible for the global coordination and implementation of the program.

As the ICP evolves into a permanent program, ensuring a wide and relevant use of PPPs and results generated by this exercise is one of the priorities of the Global ICP Unit. This requires a well-organized website to better inform users, such as policy makers and researchers at international and national levels, about the ICP.

If you have not visited the site already, come see what’s new with the ICP!  For more information, e-mail us at


Nada Hamadeh

Manager, Development Data Group, World Bank

Mizuki Yamanaka

Senior Statistician, Development Data Group

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