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After Watching This, You Will Say “Thanks Mom”

Katya with her granddaughter (From the documentary I am lucky. Growing up, I had so many meaningful conversations with my parents -- especially with Mama. One time, I came home from school and she told me firmly to stay away from the computer. Puzzled, I asked her why. She goes, “Your Papa says it has a virus. I don’t want you to get sick.”

After explaining what a computer virus is, we had a good laugh. At the end of it, she just smiled and said “dinner is ready.”

It might have been a hilarious moment (a trump card I would always have in our family reunions) but she was being herself, a great mom. She always puts her children first. And in every circumstance in my life, with the highs and lows, I come to realize that a mother’s love really conquers anything.

As many countries celebrate Mother’s Day this week, we present seven stories featuring mothers doing their best for their families, and individuals who have been inspired by their own moms to achieve their dreams.

Watch how Puja, a girl from India, was able to go to school because of her mother’s determination. Know more about Bernadette who focused her life's work on saving mothers and children in Zimbabwe after losing her mom at an early age.

I have witnessed the joy and overwhelming responsibility of being a parent through family and friends. And while I have sometimes thought that mothers are crazy for taking on this lifetime commitment to their kids, I know that when the time comes, I will be first in line to join the club.

And as for Mama, even though she can say some silly things, I hope to be as wise (and as funny) as her. Take a moment and say ‘thank you’ to your mom for all she has done!

Cheers to all moms around the world! 

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Featured Videos:

  1. My New Life: Primary Education for All in India: Because of her mother’s determination, Puja is going to school and has learned to read and write while having fun. She is making her dreams come true under the Sarva Shksha Abiyhan program which is changing the lives of girls across rural India through promoting universal primary education.
  2. The Face of Poverty in Europe and Central Asia: What does it mean to be poor in Europe and Central Asia? It is living on less than $2.50 each day in the coldest region, where poverty drives daily choices of millions of people to cover the cost of food and bills.
  3. In Zimbabwe Save a Mother, Save a Nation: Bernadette lost her mother at an early age. This made her focus her life's work on saving mothers and children in Zimbabwe, using RBF. The results - more women with prenatal health visits and institutional deliveries, more children receiving vaccines.
  4. I Feel Reassured About Having This Baby: Lalita shares her excitement over having a baby under the Safe Motherhood Program, a World Bank supported initiative that supports safe pregnancy.
  5. Isaura's Story: Dedicating a Life to Teaching in Timor-Leste: Inspired by her mother, Isaura became a primary school teacher in Timor-Leste. Despite many challenges, particularly in the past, she has continued to dedicate her life as a teacher to help build her country.
  6. Women Are Not Just Half of Society. Egypt—thinkEQUAL: In Egypt, a woman explains that men count on women for everything - running the home, raising the children, for everything.
  7. Single Mother Struggles After Divorce. Brazil—thinkEQUAL - In Brazil, a single mother speaks about the difficulties she faces trying to make ends meet for herself and her son.


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