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An Insider's View: What's on the Agenda at the International Corruption Hunters Alliance?

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For members of the International Corruption Hunters Alliance, ending corruption is the ambition and sustaining progress is the way to achieve it.  So what are they bringing to their second meeting at World Bank Headquarters and what will they be taking away from each other?

Many of them have experienced the benefits and challenges of working across different legal systems, and with international organizations like the World Bank, to reach successful outcomes for investigations. This growing trend of international cooperation is defining progress in the global fight against corruption.


Some of them have been able to sustain this progress by investing in effective complaint mechanisms as a source of information for investigators and prosecutors to help detect red flags -- and to provide avenues for confidential whistleblowers to come forward. 


Yet for many countries, these tools and mechanisms can be a challenge to establish or promote. 


Complaints and evidence can assist authorities in directing their resources more effectively for preventive action, which is another key ingredient for the sustainability of progress. Updated steps include:

  • Introducing new formats to conduct complaint analysis
  • Knowing how to find and use open source information from the Internet or more traditional sources
  • Using crowdsourcing tools and engaging citizens in the fight against corruption


These advancements represent new frontiers for members of the Alliance as they strive to sustain progress in their global fight against corruption.


This week’s meeting of the alliance at the World Bank Headquarters is about just that. Convening experiences, knowledge and technological resources from different parts of the world that can support the ambition of corruption fighters and help sustain and globalize their individual successes. This is why the World Bank launched the alliance in 2010 and this is why this alliance has to remain functional with the drive and commitment of its members.  

As one corruption fighter said to me upon receiving his alliance badge: "Together, we can sustain our progress and one day bring an end to corruption."


Dina Elnaggar

Senior Communications Officer, Integrity Vice Presidency

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