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#KidsEndPoverty: What can you — and your kids — do to help?


Today, June 1, many countries around the world mark Children’s Day, offering an opportunity to reflect on the kind of world our kids will inherit. Let’s join together to make a better worldone free from extreme povertybefore they grow up. Together we can end poverty by 2030 and ensure a better world for today’s kids and all children in the future. Share this blog post with your kids, or children from your community, and submit their artwork to be considered for World Bank social media channels. 

​​Imagine a girl named Maya. Maya lives in a poor country where her parents work all day, and she can’t go to school because she has to care for her baby brother. Even though her parents work very hard, they barely make enough to feed the family, much less buy school supplies for Maya. She and her family live out in the country, and there are no roads for buses to take Maya to school, even if there was someone to care for her brother while her parents work. Education means learning to read, write, add, and subtract. Kids need to learn all these things to find jobs when they grow up. No education means very little access to jobs. Is it fair that just because Maya is poor that she can’t go to school, just like you? All kids should be able to go to school, just as they should be able to see a doctor if they’re sick, or have food to eat, or a home where they can sleep and be with their families. But, unfortunately, there are many children out there just like Maya. How can we help her? What can you do to help her?

You can be her voice. You can learn about how to help people living in poverty. If you, your family, your friends, your teachers all pitched in to help, then kids like Maya would have a chance at a better life.

To help raise awareness, draw a picture or make a video of what you think the world needs to end poverty and send it to us. With your parents’ permission, you can post your drawing on Instagram or on Twitter using the hashtag #KidsEndPoverty. You can email your drawing or video to me, Korina Lopez, or mail it to me at 1818 H St. NW, Washington, DC 22043.

We’ll post your art on the World Bank’s social media channels using the hashtag #KidsEndPoverty, so the whole world can see that you care about ending poverty.

Ending poverty means that every part of our world must be healthy. Everything is connected, so the whole world needs to be healthy for us to be healthy and end poverty. Here are some examples of that interconnectedness.
  • Image
    View a Facebook Photo Album of more drawings
    ​that children of World Bank staff made during
    ​Take Your Child to Work Day.
    Clean water means people are less likely to get sick from dirty water.
  • Having toilets means that water is less likely to get dirty and fewer people will get sick from water.
  • If there are more doctors and hospitals, then people who are sick can get the care they need to be healthy again.
  • Going to school means that kids will learn to read and write.
  • Knowing how to read and write means that kids can more easily find jobs when they grow up.
  • All animals serve their purpose in keeping the earth healthy. Without that balance, the Earth gets sick.
  • If the Earth gets sick, then plants won’t grow and we won’t have anything to eat.
What do you feel most strongly about? Tell us, raise your voice and help us end poverty. Send us your submissions by June 15.



Korina Lopez

Social Media Campaigns Consultant

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