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The Mentoring Effect

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At the Mentoring Effect event held at the World Bank Group recently, we heard from some world class mentoring experts from Deloitte, Marriott, Sodexho and MetLife, who shared their insights on mentoring approaches and best practices with Bank Group staff.

While mentoring has always existed in some form or other at the WBG,  it has become an increasingly important component of its staff development strategy, given recent organizational changes and a greater emphasis on knowledge sharing and collaboration. Therefore, the Leadership, Learning and Innovation (LLI) vice-presidency of the Bank Group is leading an initiative to implement an integrated mentoring strategy, and is partnering with stakeholders across the institution, including the Global Practices, Diversity & Inclusion, Staff Association, Talent Management, Performance Management and Employee Resource Groups to make this happen.

Although their mentoring programs vary in focus, the panelists agreed that successful mentoring programs require three critical elements; 1) alignment to strategic business priorities, 2) clear objectives for what they are trying to accomplish, and 3) integration with the company’s overall talent development strategy. The panelists agreed that both formal and informal mentoring opportunities are needed and a variety of formats ― 1x1, group, reverse and peer mentoring – are useful. What’s more, all the mentoring experts said that their companies formally recognize mentoring contributions.

Final words on this are that mentoring has a long-term impact when it is supported by active executive sponsorship, excellence in execution, measured outcomes and gradual expansion. The Mentoring Effect gave participants a rich insight about the spectrum of mentoring approaches that can be designed and aligned with WBG strategy. If you want to learn more about mentoring or are interested in implementing a mentoring program at the WBG, please contact me at  


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