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24-hour global ‘Econothon’ highlights the World Bank Group’s knowledge and priorities

A What-a-thon? Econ-o-thon? Live around the world? For a whole 24 hours? What? Where? Who? Why?

It sounds like a crazy idea – broadcasting discussions on development economics live from around the world for 24 hours. But that’s exactly the challenge we’re setting ourselves on July 24 and 25.

And there is method in this apparent madness. The World Bank Group is one of the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries at a time when the world faces some of the biggest development challenges. We wanted an opportunity to share the wealth of knowledge at the Bank, provoke thoughtful discussions and engage a global audience in this important subject.

How can we stimulate economic growth, reduce poverty and best help people in developing countries? We’ll be seeking answers to these huge questions, and – because Development never sleeps – this unique event will circle the globe in the course of a day. Each one of the Bank’s global teams will highlight the priorities for their region, drawing on local expertise and experience.

And we want to hear from you throughout the day. Ask questions and give us feedback on how we’re doing. Here’s how you can follow the event online:

- Watch Live, submit your questions before the event and be part of the conversation.

- Follow on Twitter via #Econothon

The World Bank Group’s President, David Malpass, will kick the event off at midday on July 24 by exploring the issue of debt and the role of the Bank Group in supporting growth in individual countries. The World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva will lead a discussion on the economics of climate resilience and our Chief Economist Pinelopi Goldberg will address the debate over the best model for development. Over 24 hours we’ll hear from more than 50 of the Bank’s economists as they discuss a wide variety of topics including how to remove barriers that prevent women participating in the workplace, the scale of global debt, and why investing in people pays big dividends in the long term. 

Econothon Featured Speakers

And we’ll be doing all of this live – in real time. There will also be live interpretation in Arabic, French and Spanish for some of the segments. The full program agenda will soon be available here. It’s a massive logistical challenge as we attempt to stay on air and stay awake for the full 24 hours. We’re pulling together volunteers from our global staff to work on the event and every host will be drafted in from around the Bank. No one here has ever done or attempted anything like this before – wish us luck!


Jasmin Buttar

Head of Content and Creative for External Corporate Relations at the World Bank Group

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