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Who Are the Top 11 Women Who Inspire You?

ImageTake a moment and think of the women who inspire you. Make a list. Who are the top 11 women? Would you include a construction worker from Jamaica?  How about a midwife in Sudan or a jewelry maker in Costa Rica? What about a student from India or a small business owner in Egypt?

When most of us think about people who inspire us, we consider world leaders, celebrities, or those who’ve changed the course of world history.  Or we might think of individuals who have had a significant influence in our lives—our role models or people we strive to emulate. The people who make it to our “inspiration list” are there because we relate to them, regardless if we’re man or woman.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day this week, we present 11 stories of women around the world who’ve made amazing strides to achieve their goals and make long-lasting impacts on the lives of their children, families and communities.

Watch how one woman takes her business from Senegal to Paris, while another creates one of the most popular mobile apps in her country. These women are truly inspiring and have made it to our ‘inspiration list.’

Celebrate with us by being on someone’s inspiration list today.

Featured Stories:

  1. EGYPT: Women Power - A woman tells the powerful story of how a small business changed her life in a big way.
  2. JAMAICA: Anything Men Can Do, We Can Too - Meet a fascinating woman from Jamaica who makes a strong statement on equality.
  3. COSTA RICA: Seeds of Opportunity - These women in Costa Rica create and sell jewelry made out of tropical seeds, an environmentally sound business.A charming lady tells us how good it makes her feel when she earns her own money.
  4. INDIA: My New Life - In rural Rajasthan in Northern India, girls traditionally stayed at home and were sometimes married off at a young age. Young Puja tells us how things have started to change.
  5. SENEGAL: Gourmet Products Sustainably Produced - A woman-led company extracts new flavors from exotic fruits that appeal to gourmands around the world. This successful business hires women and people with disabilities who sometimes have a hard time finding gainful employment.
  6. KENYA: From Slums to Cocktail Parties – African Jewelry is Trending - A Kenyan startup company has used mobile technology to link local artisans with global markets. The company, founded and managed by women, distributes some of Africa's coolest fashion items via Internet.
  7. SENEGAL: Clean Energy Strengthens Senegal's Women - A clean energy project in Senegal is designed to benefit women and their families.
  8. TANZANIA: Holding Together Business and Family - Hear what a business owner and mother has to say about women’s roles in the family and the world.
  9. SUDAN: Midwives - Saving Lives One Mother at a Time - Nora graduated from a midwife training school in Kassala, Eastern Sudan. See how she and other midwives are helping to decrease maternal mortality rates in the country.
  10. SENEGAL: Apps and Clubs - Navigating (Night)life in Dakar - A woman-run startup in Dakar has created the most popular event guide to Senegal's capital. The cellphone app is a must for partygoers and tourists alike.
  11. NEPAL: Suma Sings - Suma was six years old when her parents sold her as a servant. Listen as she performs a song she wrote about the inequalities she’s endured.
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