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Presenting Recommendations and Action Plans of MAPS-II Assessment
Presenting Recommendations and Action Plans of MAPS-II Assessment. Lebanon

Thank you for participating in this event on strengthening public procurement systems in Lebanon, Bangladesh, and Mozambique through the Methodology for Assessment Procurement Systems (MAPSII). MAPS is the universal tool to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a public procurement system and develop recommendations and an action plan for future reforms. 

The event was live-streamed on the World Bank blog pages in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese. Please leave your comments and questions in the text boxes below.


With support from the Global Public Procurement Multi-Donor Trust Fund (GPP – MDTF), Lebanon, Bangladesh, and Mozambique have successfully completed the MAPS exercise. To some degree, the implementation process of a MAPS assessment is similar across countries. It generally comprises gauging the legal and regulatory frameworks for public procurement, the institutional framework, market practices, and the accountability, integrity, and transparency of the public procurement system. The findings, recommendations, and next steps, however, are typically starkly different and highlight broader and more entrenched public financial management issues specific to the country.

We propose to hold series of events presenting MAPS assessments of different countries. This first session took a deep dive into the significant recommendations and the proposed next steps for Lebanon, Bangladesh, and Mozambique. We learned how countries approach the findings from the MAPS exercise, whether they have been able to find any quick wins, and how the exercise results fit into the countries’ more comprehensive economic and good governance strategies.

The GPP MDTF is a World Bank program that aims to support innovative activities for procurement reforms at the global and country level. The GPP MDTF is implemented with contributions from the Agence Française de Développement, European Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. Mozambique MAPS was implemented also with contributions from the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO), UK. 

The links for final Public Procurement Assessments Reports following MAPS:

Lebanon | Bangladesh | Mozambique


+ Chair:

+ Opening Remarks:


+ Discussants:

  • Nicolas Penagos, Head of MAPS Secretariat
  • Etel Bereslawski, Practice Manager, Middle East and North Africa Region, Governance-Procurement, World Bank
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April 14, 2021

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April 14, 2021

Hi, I would like to join the event live is that possible? will also come up with questions in due course...
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April 20, 2021

Thank you very much for your comment; you can join the live event on this page. We will activate the webcast at 7:30 am Eastern TIme on this page.

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April 14, 2021

The day is fine with me. I choose french.

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April 14, 2021

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April 19, 2021

J'aimerais participer au partage d'expériences entre les pays sur le renforcement des systèmes de passation des marchés publics au Liban, au Bangladesh et au Mozambique grâce à la méthodologie des systèmes d'évaluation des marchés publics (MAPSII).
Que dois-je faire?

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April 20, 2021

Hello, I am interested in participating in the meeting related to MAPS, how can I get the corresponding link
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April 21, 2021

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MAPS Secretariat
April 21, 2021

Dear everyone,

if you are interested in learning more about the MAPS Methodology and assessments, visit the MAPS official website: If you have any questions, you can contact the Secretariat at

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