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[May 19, 2021: Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on the Climate Change Action Plan both here and by email. We are going through your feedback in detail and will have an update in the next few days.]

Climate change is a defining challenge of our generation. It is already upending development gains of the past decades, deepening poverty and exacerbating inequality. That is why the World Bank Group is raising its ambition and committing to doing more than ever in its new Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP).

Highlights of our new Climate Change Action Plan were presented to our Board on April 1, 2021 and were the subject of a statement by World Bank Group President David Malpass on April 2. We have already received a lot of feedback on the plan from countries, civil society, and climate experts and, based on all the interest from around the world, we are sharing a slide deck that summarizes the new CCAP. We invite you to share your feedback and questions.

Our first CCAP, which ran from 2016-2020, resulted in $83 billion of climate finance for developing countries, and among other things, massively increased the deployment of renewable energy, reduced disaster risks for vulnerable communities around the world, ensured millions more people had access to early warning systems, restored landscapes and much more. Our new Climate Change Action Plan (2021-2025) raises the bar even higher. It will further increase finance for climate mitigation and adaptation, ensure all our finance flows are aligned with the Paris Agreement, and support countries to make a just transition out of coal.  

The new CCAP aims to fully integrate climate considerations into all our development work. It boosts support for countries and the private sector to take more ambitious climate action; increases our focus on adaptation and resilience and emphasizes the transformation of  five key systems that generate the most greenhouse gas emissions: energy, transport, cities, agriculture and food, and manufacturing.

Share your thoughts on the Climate Change Action Plan below or email us at [email protected]. We’ll monitor comments through May 18 and answer as many questions as possible in the space below.

Abdessalem Dahmouni
May 13, 2021

Ther is no way immiditily to be sure that the expecting dates 2030 AND 2050 taht the expected emission rates will be in conformity of the previsional programs .But helping the cement industries as their pollution is 25% of the total pollution of the world to use the renenewable natural gas from solid fossile fuel by half of the CO2 Better than direct combustion of pet coke craking the SO2 and also producing a by product as coke for better and direct combution of the pet coke inside the rotary kiln of cement industries ,with expectation of reforming CO2 in the same process this wil be in help for this 25% to try to reduce during the 30 coming years.This will be in additional advanced coal process from General electric to have advanced industrial advanced power Generation for the next decade .
The biomass project as renewable natural gas technology this will be in use for small power generation for rural zone producing power and bio char pellets for home heating use and also the rural zones in Africa need bio char for cooking an heating as you know millions of Death women and chidren last years it is needed for circular economies projects by producing power and bio char with the new technology we use actually at early stage project in sidi bou ali Tunisia.
The othe

Kaganga John
May 05, 2021

I appreciate your work which has assisted the poor and marginalised to come out of poverty but there is still a big gap which is bringing inequality due to some individuals and country leaders and policy makers who are selfish,greedy and corrupt,who want to enrich themselves on the expense of the poor and marginalised,that gap need to be bridged if we are to walk the talk and if we have leave no one behind to achieve SDGs and agenda 2030

Shreeman Neupane
May 05, 2021

I would like to participate in conversation.

Zafar Gondal
May 05, 2021

Hello, want to join this important conversation to shape the action plan.

Privanus Katinhila
May 05, 2021

May you please prepare a simplified model for African entrepreneurs so as to assist them in learning the climate change issues

Can Acarlar
May 05, 2021

I would be glad to join your esteemed group.

Remanan A Tiruppur
May 05, 2021

Heavy use of fuel ⛽ transportation and factory 🏭 smoke are the main reason for climate change or pollution. Extension or expansion of farm land areas makes more impact on other living beingsSustainability in earth 🌎. Only solution for this problem is Minimalism in future few years. Don't use much vehicles.

Letsatsi Lekhooa
May 05, 2021

Climate Change is real and as experts, its time fir us to develop climate change Education and awareness campaigns.

Bonang Rathobei
May 06, 2021

Education and awareness are the key. Accessible options need to be easily available. Eg; if you encourage rural.people not to use wood for cooking/warming themselves to curb the smoke; they will need to have affordable options to adapt to the situation.

Stevie Leonard Harison
May 05, 2021

There should be innovative consensus on climate crisis between technology optimization and local wisdom preservation. As youth, I see these two can contribute optimally in solving climate issues, in both global and local level, especially when youth do the initiatives.

Milena Milosavljevic
May 05, 2021

I would like to discuss planned strategies for SMEs in terms of alignment green finance with EU taxonomy.

Jennifer Orellana
May 06, 2021

Thank you for all you are doing ..yes I want to be a part of Conversation concerning sustainability and farming in our fishing and everything I’ve been an environmentalist since the 60s and 73 years old and I’m very very interested

North western student support foundation, Solwezie/ Zambia.
May 07, 2021

Thanks Jennifer, but only challenge we remarkable is for us no support, no assistance or found for support North western student support foundation, Zambia, is going out so we don't know he's particpation from last year 2020 . .....nanthing..... .
We receive only I mails, invitations for events. For help, support. .......
Thanks again.

Hudha Ahmed
May 06, 2021

Would the programme focus in special consideration in adaptation measures for small island states which have very little options against sea level rise, floods etc. Would it fund blue carbon projects?

Krishna yadav
May 06, 2021


May 06, 2021

Climate change is is a very important issue,that need to be known by every person on earth, so that we can change the way we leave to protect earth.

Saif Shahrukh
May 06, 2021

I am from Bangladesh. Extremely concerned about climate change and would love to join.

Eduardo Klien
May 06, 2021

I am interested in the intersection of climate change and population ageing

Dhruv pandey
May 06, 2021

Just do a pilot project of planting the trees I am naming and you will see the miraculous change in our environment that includes :
1.Peepal Tree
2.Banyan Tree
3.Neem Tree
4.Arjuna Tree

They will not only replenish our nature but also restore naturl balance.

May 06, 2021

I live in an Indian Hindi country

May 06, 2021

Yes, climate change issue is an issue of survival for all accross the world. So, it needs collaborative action to mitigate it.

Saroj Kumar Pradhan
May 06, 2021

looking forward to join this conversation program

Rambabu Prasad kalwar
May 06, 2021

I want to join the conversation

Muhammad Lawan
May 06, 2021

To save our one and only planet alot of sacrifices must be done in shortest time possible.sustainability equate with climate changes is the out of this accident waiting to happen !

Ibrahim Ayuba K
May 06, 2021

I believe greatly, that a bottom top approach will go further and scale on the way in addressing the issue. Meanwhile, options are needed that also cater for the specific effect of demographics.

Mahendra Kumar Dash
May 06, 2021

Now a stage has come when all climate plans are ending up in Courts and lengthy legal discourse.
This time gap is time critical.

I shall feel privileged to be a party to the discussion team to hear their opinions and their suggested solutions.


Dr. Uzodinma Adirieje
May 06, 2021

The CCAP is worthwhile idea.
How/where can non-profit organizations get funding and capacity development support to key in, and domesticate the CCAP in hard-to-reach, rural and poor urban communities?

Samah Issam Al Mannai
May 06, 2021

interested to join the discussion regard the COVID-19, as it is very important to my field work

Kanseng Shyam
May 07, 2021


Shereen Shaheen
May 06, 2021

There is a need to empower local communities to develop and upscale climate change adaptation plans mainstreaming the gender perspective, how does CC affect women and men differently and how responsibilities should be complementing.

DHANI (Desert water Harvesting And New agriculture Implement
May 06, 2021

It gives me immense pleasure to write you on behalf of DHANI (ढाणी) (Desert water Harvesting And New agriculture Implementation) this is working for water harvesting and conservation of flora that is plant species of desert region.

As it is apparently known that Rajasthan comes under desert region facing innumerable severe conditions like dry season, draught, scorching heat etc. Crop cultivation is always a challenge as rain in this region is never certain and insufficient as well. There is no permanent source of water harvesting. Farmers lead a very tough life under such circumstances. Water scarcity and lack of awareness among farmers regarding water harvesting and latest techniques of farming are important issues of concern for all.

The main objective of our NGO DHANI (ढाणी) is to disseminate awareness among farmers regarding the best techniques of farming and also show the importance of water harvesting in desert region. The efforts for water harvesting will turn out to be a boon for the farmers and bring about prosperity and protection to the farmers. Rain water, if judiciously stored, can be used in farming, horticulture, dairy, poultry etc. Our NGO is determined to do this pious task for the farmers of Rajasthan.

Our NGO (ढाणी) connecting all Indian farmers on single platform through electronic media to adopt farmers. And also works with an objective to train farmers about modern agriculture techniques etc. We motivate farmer to use vermicompost and avoid chemical fertilizers also.

All these are the prime objectives of our NGO (ढाणी) and to accomplish this task we need to work thoroughly on this projects that we have planned and such plans and projects cannot be achieved without financial aid. Such pious works must not be left unrealized due to only lack of monetary support. For this, we earnestly request you to stretch your benign hand towards us with financial aid so that our objectives and dreams can see light of reality.

Your help will be life turning deed for the farmers of our Rajasthan region. Looking forward to your positive response.

May 07, 2021


Ashok Kumar
May 06, 2021

I wish to join new climate change action for more on ground and less in talk

Gülşen Çağatay
May 06, 2021


Taye Girma
May 06, 2021

I believe and I acknowledge that your organization effort towards the Ethiopia's/Africa's/world's development is very excellent and exiting.

Meried M
May 06, 2021

I want to be active participant in climate and its impact especially on developing countries

Martin Nafuka
May 06, 2021

Climate change is a big threat facing the human race, and the terrible effects are already in effect and witnessed world wide.
Reversing these negative impacts will take time and initiatives aimed at reversing these impacts should be implemented now. But more importantly, more environmentally friendly ways of producing energy, manufacturing etc should be implemented, countries need to go renewable all the way, its not a cheap transition from using non renewable to renewable energy, but its the only current way to mitigate the increasing effects of climate change. One other important thing that efforts should be done to heal the worlds biggest and even small forests, to restore those crucial ecosystems.
Urban cities should go green, production of food needs more innovative strategies to minimise pollution that has negative impacts on eco systems.
Governments all over the world are already awarr of these mitigation strategies, it is however the lack of funds thats hindering such endeavours. The world bank obviously can help countries transit to greener economies, especially the developing countries.

Botswelelo John
May 06, 2021

The revised action plan on climate change is a welcome development. Climate change remains a threat to sustainable development especially in the developing world. Therefore, country specific action plans on climate change with resource allocation proportional to its adverse effects combined with effective community engagement and empowerment will make a difference. I am curious to appreciate resource allocation for SADC and Botswana which has underutilized high temperature that could generate solar power for the indigenous communities that bear the brunt.

Kennedy Nzeru
May 06, 2021

Have joined the conversation

Md Zafar Alam Bhuiyan
May 06, 2021

I appreciate your kind efforts in this hard time of humanity around the world. Let us contribute to the world from our side !!
Thank you very much to everybody who is behind the planning, arrangement, and other parts of the noble initiatives.

Sunday Joseph
May 06, 2021

It a very good effort with the goal of marginalisation to one entity

Barnabas Ezeh
May 06, 2021

Would like to be part of the converstion.Please keep up the good work.

Gareth Wilcox
May 06, 2021

Can we stop the changing climate? Will actions taken be effective? Should the question not be - "How do we mitigate the effect of the changing climate and save our planet?"

Abu Ibrahim
May 06, 2021

Thank you so much for assisting the marginalized in the societies which though have helped better if the so-called political leaders were not involve in the chain of passage to its intended beneficiaries. We are going through a lot in the hands of these corrupt people who describe themselves as our leaders. The poor people are not getting what is due them because of their selfish and corrupt practices. The presidency to the local party people - wanting to take all for themselves because they are in a position of power.

Emperor Bailor Musa Jalloh
May 06, 2021

Have Interest in this very important conversation

Mira Ihalainen
May 06, 2021

Keen to contribute to and learn from this important process

Md Zafar Alam Bhuiyan
May 06, 2021

I do appreciate the noble initiatives for a hard time of humanity around the world. I will be really glad to serve the environment, climate change , Biodiversity , and all the positive activities anywhere in the world.

Zaigham Rizvi
May 06, 2021

Would love to participate in the discussion with a focus on environmental issues and possible answers in South Asia.

Helena Osei-Egyir
May 06, 2021

The response towards climate change should move beyond state actors and policy makers to include local people whose lives are been directly affected by the changes in the climate. These may include; forested people and farmers as well as funding post graduate research in developing countries. Africa for example contributes little to global emission of ozone-depleting chemicals but faces severe consequences due to the lack of systems and structures to tackle the issue. You are doing a great job but more work needs to be done.

Amadu Jagitay
May 06, 2021

Reducing carbon emissions, mass afforestation and a proper control of timber logging might help as well.