Announcing the 38 winners of the World Bank Africa Blog4Dev 2021 competition


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Today, on the occasion of the World Youth Skills Day , we are pleased to announce the winners of the Blog4Dev 2021 competition.

Launched in 2014 by the World Bank Kenya office, the Blog4Dev competition is an annual writing contest, inviting young people to weigh in on a topic critical to their country’s economic development. In 2019, it became a regional event. This year, we have asked young Africans to share their ideas on how young people could work with their government and civil society leaders to respond to the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and build a stronger post-pandemic economic and social system.

We were eager to gain valuable insights and perspectives from African youth how they can contribute to a resilient recovery, in the context of COVID-19. The pandemic is exerting unprecedented social, economic and health pressures on Sub-Saharan African countries and is deepening social inequalities affecting the most vulnerable.

From the onset of the pandemic, the World Bank has responded with the fastest and largest crisis response in its history to support the countries in their crisis response. Up to $50 billion is gradually being allocated to support African governments in strengthening their health care systems, bolstering vaccine purchase and deployment; ensuring food security for local communities; scaling up social safety net programs for the most vulnerable and supporting the private sector in navigating the financial impact of the crisis.

With young Africans disproportionately at risk of reduced earnings, less disposable income, underemployment, and missed learning and job training opportunities, the stakes are high to ensure that future generations are positioned to succeed. As an institution, our efforts are focused on savings lives in Africa, protecting the poor, protecting, and creating jobs, and building back better.

This year, we received 1,266 entries, and the World Bank Country Offices were able to designate  winners from 38 countries. This number of entries is extremely heartening and demonstrates the energy that young Africans have to discuss the development challenges affecting them and their communities. This 2021 cohort will add their ideas and enthusiasm to the Youth Transforming Africa network that includes the winners of the 2019 and 2020 editions.

Among many proposed solutions, one recurrent idea is the creation of online platforms by governments to gather more quickly and efficiently the different proposals from youth and to frame a structured dialogue . Another suggestion is the request to support youth's skills for innovation, both in social and technological areas, that can be contribute to the building of a stronger post-COVID-19 economy and society. Young people can play a role in creating health equipment and kits using local raw materials, or in developing mentoring programs or educational software. Blog4Dev 2021 participants also suggested governmental programs promoting volunteerism and solidarity actions driven by young people in order to reach the most disadvantaged.  

The winners will very soon embark on a set of online activities. The awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. will be organized when travel is once again safe and possible.

On behalf of the World Bank’s Africa Regions, we heartily congratulate all of our Blog4Dev winners. They are the torchbearers to Africa’s development journey and serve as important voices in their respective countries. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing about their incredible contributions to the advancement of the continent in the months and years to come.

Please join us in congratulating #Blog4Dev’s 2021 winners:

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Kebirungi Tinka Joan
September 21, 2021

Warm regards to all participants and the
organizers. Congratulations to the winners. Your pens /keyboards have led you to a success well deserved .Love and light❤

Shériff Juvenal AHOYO
September 21, 2021

J'aimerais rejoindre votre newsletter

September 21, 2021

Félicitations aux heureux lauréats et courage à tous ces vaillants porteurs du flambeau de l'économie avenir de nos pays.

Ugwu Kelechi Mirabel
September 21, 2021

Congratulations to all the winners!

Kavuma Pius
September 21, 2021

Thank you for sharing the long awaited list of winners. Congratulations to all. My concern is that post for call for blogs indicated that this time round there will be 5 winners per country of which some will have a chance to intern at one of the regional world bank offices while the overall winners per country will travel to Washington DC for the spring meeting. Please clarify.
Your positive response towards this request will highly be appreciated.

Koné Esther
September 21, 2021

Merci à vous.
Heureuse de voir que le jeunes sont associés à la réflexion sur le monde africain.
Félicitations Aux gagnants, j'espère encore pourvoir me présenter l'an prochain et être super lauréate.
Merci à la banque mondiale.

Tumui Mario
September 21, 2021

These are going through the hardest time ever in life. This pandemic has launched major crises all over the world ?. The World Bank ? has done the right ? thing in allocating that budget to support the future youth generation over the pandemic. Being a youth, in particular, I have a strong ? belief that we will end this pandemic one day. We just need funds to carry out comprehensive awareness to the local communities. Thank you so much am from South Sudan ?? .

September 21, 2021

Congratulations to the 2021 #Blog4Dev winners!

Bridgette Oliphant
September 21, 2021

Congratulations Sindisa Mramba we are proud of you, continue flying the South African Flag. God be with you

September 21, 2021

Hi world bank this year for project planning for Somaliland for water project and infrastructure

Godfrey Somah Jr.
August 09, 2023

Congratulations to the most ever potent African Political activist acknowledging African youth immense contributions to partner with Government and civil society leaders to
respond to the impact of Covid - 19 and the need to build a strong post- pandemic economic social system. I salute you bro in your educational journey as we joined together as true Africans youth to defend this Noble continent in supporting our Government in decisions making.

Martine Noelle Ndengue
August 09, 2023

Bravo à tous les gagnants

Nareth da Silva
August 09, 2023

Congratulations to all participants in particular to the winners of this edition.
With your strength our progress will be possible.
Thank you!

Ebrima Jawneh
July 19, 2022

Congrats to all the winners and organizers!! I have been in the wagon of sustainable poverty eradication and development of the poorest of the poor for over twenty years in my country, The Gambia. Good to read and understand other contributors and partners trying to achieve the same goal. I am convince that we can make it, we have the tools, skills, knowledge, support, right strategy, right partnership and we become accountable to the people we serve.

June 13, 2023

Let us focus on building African economy by being diversity in many sectors of economy of which every country can specialize on product which is good at and find more affordable and we trade to each other with zero cost for importing like how David Ricardo in comparative advantage theory and we make africa to be the industry and market itself as we assume circular flow of income