Andreas  Eberhard-Ruiz

Andreas Eberhard-Ruiz

Development Economist with the Jobs Group at the World Bank

Andreas Eberhard-Ruiz is a development economist with the Jobs Group at the World Bank, where he works on jobs, growth, and structural change.

Prior to joining the World Bank, he worked for the European Commission and subsequently for the research department of the Ugandan finance ministry as a Fellow of the UK’s Overseas Development Institute. He then collaborated extensively with the World Bank as a consultant on several analytical projects on economic management in resource rich environments, trade and competitiveness across sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

In his academic research, Mr. Eberhard-Ruiz has examined the spillover effects of conflict on household welfare across neighboring countries in sub-Saharan Africa through the trade and refugee channels.

He has also published on the spatial economic impact of regional market integration in East Africa and holds a PhD from the University of Sussex.