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A Question Going Global: What Will It Take to End Poverty?

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It’s not every day that you see a video in the back of a New York City taxicab asking people to tweet about ending global poverty. Though the most recent data tell us that global poverty has been declining, it’s shocking that some 1.3 billion people live on less than $1.25 a day.

That's half the amount of the base fare of a taxicab ride in Manhattan. It's not right.

The taxicab video, which is airing this week during the UN General Assembly, is part of a new conversation we’ve launched at the World Bank. We’re asking a simple question: What will it take to end poverty?


Across social media and in multiple languages, we’re also asking questions like: What will it take for all mothers to be healthy?  What will it take for your children to get a good education, or for anyone to get a good job?

I know – all big questions, and all critical to people around the world. I’m just starting as president of the World Bank Group – I’m less than three months in the job – and one of my first goals is to get people to zero in on our core mission of finding ways to end poverty and expand prosperity.

We have already received many thoughtful tweets, comments and ideas from people around the globe. They have talked about education, food security, health, jobs, child care and many other issues.

Here’s what a couple of people have had to say: “Countries need to put in place the critical infrastructure in the rural areas like roads, market stores etc and then work direct with the rural poor” and “make secondary education free for all children & increase access 2 domestic water.”

It is early days in our effort, but already we see that #whatwillittake is inspiring people around the world to share solutions and ideas. With our taxicab video in New York City, we’re looking to reach diplomats, activists and heads of state attending the UN General Assembly as well as the city’s residents and visitors.

Our effort is going global. We will take to heart and share the best of your ideas on ending poverty and expanding prosperity.

I believe it takes all of us together.

Let’s hear from you. What will it take?

Dr. Jim Yong Kim is president of the World Bank Group.

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Jim Yong Kim

Former President, World Bank Group

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