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Reflections from the 2015 South-South Learning Forum – Part 1

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Ministers, mayors, senior officials and experts from both the social protection and urban development spheres wrapped-up their intensive discussion at the 2015 South-South Learning Forum in Beijing, China. It was the first global event that looks at the emerging knowledge and practical innovations in the as-yet underexplored area of social protection in cities. Every single day, more than 180,000 people urbanize globally. Much of the world’s future depends on whether cities thrive or sink. Representatives of donor countries, who helped support the Forum, share their reflections:
Interview with Dr. Heike Kuhn, Division Head, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development, Germany
Interview with Heather Kindness, Social Protection Team Leader, DFID, The United Kingdom
Interview with Torsten Wetterblad, Senior Policy Adviser, SIDA, Sweden

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