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Top Ten Development Impact Blog Posts of 2017

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Before we begin new posts next week, here are the 2017 Development Impact posts that were most popular over the last year. In this case, popular = most page views.
  1. 10 journals for publishing a short economics paper
  2. When should you cluster standard errors? New wisdom from the econometrics oracle
  3. What’s the latest in development economics research? A round-up of 140+ papers from NEUDC 2017
  4. The State of Development Journals 2017: Quality, Acceptance Rates, and Review Times
  5. Fact checking universal basic income: can we transfer our way out of poverty?
  6. What’s new in education research? Impact evaluations and measurement – March round-up
  7. The latest research in economics on Africa: The CSAE round-up
  8. IE analytics: introducing ietoolkit
  9. Technoskeptics pay heed: A computer-assisted learning program that delivers learning results
  10. A new answer to why developing country firms are so small, and how cellphones solve this problem

We also highly value the rich comments we receive from readers, often with additional perspectives, experience, and resources from experts in the field. In that spirit, here are the 9 blog posts that garnered the most comments.

  1. Finally, a way to do easy randomization inference in Stata!
  2. List Experiments for Sensitive Questions – a Methods Bleg
  3. Development Impact turns 6: six questions for our sixth birthday
  4. Where is the development economics research happening? The geographical distribution of NEUDC research
  5. Are good school principals born or can they be made?
  6. The State of Development Journals 2017: Quality, Acceptance Rates, and Review Times
  7. Teacher Coaching: What We Know
  8. Dealing with attrition in field experiments
  9. The Iron Law of ALMPs: Offer a Program to 100 People, maybe 2 get jobs
Happy reading, and we’re looking forward to a new year of evaluating impact!


David Evans

Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

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